Baby Hailey and Family
A Portland Family Photographer

Brett and Laurie recently welcomed the beautiful baby Hailey into this world and I’m so honored to have photographed their family. Not only did I get to document their new baby girl, I also had the privilege of photographing their fun wedding at Black Butte Ranch back in 2015!  I love being able to document in people’s homes and I love the intimate details that make us this beautiful life, like dad’s thumb being held by his daughter’s tiny hand or the softness of mom’s shhhhing her baby girl to sleep. These are the moments and this is why I love what I do!!! Thank you Laurie and Brett for inviting me into your home! 

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Hailey and Family | A Portland Family Photographer

The Johnson Family
A Day in the Life at Home

Michelle, Alex, Leo and Ray are the cutest and kindest. I met Michelle a loooonnnnngggg time ago when she was at Oblation and of course… wedding industry so we met at a bridal show! After finding out that our home roots are also in Michigan and specifically, Ann Arbor we became friends and I actually photographed Michelle and Alex’s two year wedding anniversary photos long before the kiddos came along! Michelle now co-owns a great book binding company called Hitched Strung Stitched in town. After not seeing her in many moons, we ended up in a magical pre-natal yoga class together at Yoga Pearl! I was so happy and honored to be invited to their new home to photograph their sweet family. Leo is a cutie and such a good big brother to baby Ray! Alex and Michelle are great parents and even grandma and grandpa were able to jump in for a few photos! I love photographing families at home, in the familiar, the cozy and comfortable and gettin real moments rather than staged all too perfect traditional family portraits. The messy hair, the barefeet and the wildness of the days that make up the years that make up this beautiful life. Thank you Johnson family and much love!

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Johnson Family | A Day in the Life at Home

Autumn Mini Sessions are Here!

Back by popular demand!!!

Kids are friggin’ hilarious! My approach as a family photographer brings that crazy and wild joy to the typical family portrait. With over 15 years as an award winning professional family and wedding photographer, I love capturing all the unique things that make your family yours. It’s time you got family photos! The Autumn Mini Session has just been announced and spots are going quickly. With a sizable donation going to Unicef hurricane relief and a custom wood ornament, I think this is the best year yet!

Your 25 minute mini session will include your immediate family in a short and sweet photo session just in time for the holidays! To learn more read all about it on the Autumn Mini Session booking page.

Jessica Hill PhotographyAutumn Mini Sessions are Here!

The Larsen Family
Oregon Family Photography

I was honored to photograph Jennifer and Atom’s wedding and then came a baby! Baby Emma is a little doll and has the cutest cheeks pretty much… ever! I loved photographing this wonderful (and gorgeous!) family throughout Forest Park and Emma ate leaves for lunch. Good Times! outdoor-baby-family-photos-001 outdoor-baby-family-photos-002 outdoor-baby-family-photos-003 outdoor-baby-family-photos-004 outdoor-baby-family-photos-005 outdoor-baby-family-photos-006 outdoor-baby-family-photos-007 outdoor-baby-family-photos-008 outdoor-baby-family-photos-009 outdoor-baby-family-photos-010

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Larsen Family | Oregon Family Photography

The Farrara Family
Portland Kid and Family Photographer

Autumn, Eric, Jackson and Grey are an awesome family along with their dog Maggie! We met up at their beautiful home in Portland and photographed around their neighborhood. The Farrara family is just as kind as they are beautiful and I’m so honored to have been able to work with them and see them grow through the years. I first photographed their family when they were just expecting their second son! So honored and happy to know this family. family-photos-portland-001 family-photos-portland-002 family-photos-portland-003 family-photos-portland-004 family-photos-portland-005 family-photos-portland-006 family-photos-portland-007 family-photos-portland-008 family-photos-portland-012 family-photos-portland-011 family-photos-portland-010 family-photos-portland-009family-photos-portland-013

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Farrara Family | Portland Kid and Family Photographer

The Matheny Family
Wilsonville Family Photographer

Wow! What a gorgeous family at the beautiful and historic Memorial park in Wilsonville! I met up with Heather, Shane, Layla and Grayson and had a lot of fun playing on the playground, laughing with Layla and Grayson and photographing this great family in the gorgeous autumn weather. I totally joined the kids and went down the slide and climbed on the monkey bars, but it’s all for great photos right!? family-photos-wilsonville-001 family-photos-wilsonville-002 family-photos-wilsonville-003 family-photos-wilsonville-004 family-photos-wilsonville-005 family-photos-wilsonville-006 family-photos-wilsonville-007 family-photos-wilsonville-008 family-photos-wilsonville-009 family-photos-wilsonville-010

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Matheny Family | Wilsonville Family Photographer

The Icopini Family and Baby Sam!

Wow! This family makes me smile all the time. Not only did I have the pleasure of working with Dean, Kate and their beautiful son; Sam, but I also have the pleasure of being close friends with these fine people. Love their energy, laughter, amazing cooking and being on the same team as Kate when we play Heads Up. (For the Win!!!) This family is on another level and my husband, Evan, and I are so happy to have them as friends, neighbors and almost family. xo. So happy for you guys. baby-photos-portland-10 baby-photos-portland-02 baby-photos-portland-03 baby-photos-portland-04

baby-photos-portland-09 baby-photos-portland-07baby-photos-portland-08baby-photos-portland-01

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Icopini Family and Baby Sam!

Coco’s Six Month Baby Photos!
Portland and San Francisco Family Photography

I’ve known Evan for over 10 years and I’m honored to now know his wife, Suzy and their beautiful daughter, Coco. While visiting San Francisco, I was able to capture some candids of this gorgeous family in their Berkley home. Love the intimate nature of these images with all the coziness of home. xo Love these guys. six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-001 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-002 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-003 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-004 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-005 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-006 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-007Six

Jessica Hill PhotographyCoco’s Six Month Baby Photos! | Portland and San Francisco Family Photography

The Winters Family
Portland Family and Baby Photography

Aubrey and Steve are a beautiful couple and then they made a baby! Spencer is a doll and a super sweet baby boy. I had the pleasure of working with this family in their home in SE Portland for Spencer’s 2 month photos. Love their decor in his nursery and his cute little face! Thanks for choosing me to photograph your loving family! best-family-photos-portland-oregon-001 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-002 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-003 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-004 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-005 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-006 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-007 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-008 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-009 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-010

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Winters Family | Portland Family and Baby Photography