Ali & Johnny
Spirit of Portland Wedding


I recently had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful and fun wedding, as well as another photographer’s sermon.. The Reverend Craig Mitchelldyer. When Craig asked if I would shoot his little sister’s wedding, I jumped at the chance! I’m a huge fan of Craig’s photo work, and epic lighting skill and I loved meeting his family as well! His darling daughter Jordyn was the flower girl and Grandpa walked Ali down the aisle! Ali and Johnny are a super sweet couple and hosted a beautiful wedding at a stunning location! The ceremony and reception took place on the top deck of The Spirit of PortlandNicole Wagner did an awesome job on Ali’s make-up as well! Thanks so much for the opportunity Craig and Ali and Johnny! It was a lot of fun 🙂
Jessica Hill PhotographyAli & Johnny | Spirit of Portland Wedding


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  • Craig Mitchelldyer - June, 2009

    Pretty much the coolest sermon you’ve ever seen right? Thanks again for doing that! it was fun for me to be the preacher man and not the photographer!

  • Brian Latta - June, 2009

    Wow, Jessica, I’m consistently impressed with your work. It’s just all good. This looks like it was a very fun wedding and the location on the river must have been breathtaking considering the weather… cheers again. Thanks for doing such great work…

  • Deyla Huss - June, 2009

    LOL I just realized Craig was the Preacher!!! Love it!!

  • Ali - August, 2009

    Jessica, I didn’t even know we were on here! I know it’s really late (sorry), but thank you so much for doing the photography for us! It was great being able to have Craig marry us instead of him taking the pictures (although we got him to take some of us during the reception). Thanks again! You’re great!

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