Engaged: Tiffany & Adam


Tiffany and Adam are an awesome and fun couple that I’m so happy to have met! Their wedding will take place on Sept. 26th at The Copper Creek Inn, near Mt. Rainer in Ashford Washington. They have the coolest doggies and It was really fun to get photos of them. Tiffany and Adam and I all met in Laurelhurst Park for a great afternoon of engagment and puppy pics. I love their energy and style and I can’t wait for their wedding (in which the dogs will be part of the wedding party!!!) Hope you love the sneak peek. If you have a moment to leave a comment, please do!
Jessica Hill PhotographyEngaged: Tiffany & Adam


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  • Adam & Tiff - July, 2009

    Jessica, you do such amazing work! We love the pics and can’t wait to see more. We had such a great time working with you, it was relaxing and fun. It went from “Sit. Sit. Stay….no! Dresden Stay……Puppies! Look over here!” to “Now kiss……hold it…..hold it…….now smile!” We (and the pups) can’t wait for the big day!

  • Theresa - July, 2009

    These pictures are gorgeous! Jessica really captured your personalities (as well as the dogs’). LOVE the black & white shot and the one with Dresden in the foreground guarding the smoochers.

  • Kimberly A. Armour - July, 2009

    You two are soooo cute! Jessica did a wonderful job! I really can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Mom (Jo) - July, 2009

    I love how you are enveloped by the large tree and you just melt into it with your loving gazes. I can only imagine the beauty and creativity of the wedding weekend! Can’t wait!

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