Ali & Jared
Garden Vineyards Wedding


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Ali and Jared’s wedding was incredibly beautiful and inspiring! From the vineyard vistas to the garden elegance, Garden Vineyards is a stunning venue located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Jared and Ali looked amazing and exchanged vows with family and friends and their awesome dog, who also joined them on the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife! The flowers (insanely awesome!) were done by one of Ali’s close friends:) The exquisite food was both vegan friendly and delicious by the talented team at Art of Catering. The seriously good music was spun by Mr Mumu – who I can’t wait to dance to again soon at Saucebox. Thanks So very much for choosing me to document your gorgeous wedding and enjoy the sneak peek! Please leave a comment if you can find the only autumn leaf on the dress tree… or just because!

You can check out Ali & Jared’s wedding slideshow here!

Jessica Hill PhotographyAli & Jared | Garden Vineyards Wedding


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  • MirulliaMorneault - September, 2009

    Gorgeous pictures! Way to go Jessica!

  • Liza - September, 2009

    Those flowers are gorgeous! I love these! Lovely wedding!

  • lola lirones - September, 2009

    Love your Composition on your pictures. But have to ask a question…Why are your pictures so white in the face? Just wondered, what camera do you have and are you using Auto?
    Could you make the face’s with more color in them? My bother is a photographer and said this looks like you may be using “auto mode”?
    I love the way you put the people in the picture but just don’t like the color.. Would love to know more about your camera, since we will be getting married out your way next Aug.. Thanks so much. Please send me your price list.. we are from Michigan and looking for a photographer like you in your area. lola

  • Jessica Hill - September, 2009

    Thanks so much for the comments! Lola- Congrats on your engagement! I use a Canon 5D mark II Camera, always in Manual Mode for both shooting as well as white balance. The white color could be because your monitor isn’t calibrated correctly. I can always add more color to the images if that’s the look you prefer 🙂

  • Shalane King - February, 2012

    OMG! I was totally looking through the site for inspiration for my own wedding coming up and I jsut realized I used to work with Ali!!! I have not seen her in forever! How BEAUTIFUL!!!

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