Portland Style Unveiled Feature!


Angela and Jason are fun-filled and witty couple with plenty of style and posh. Their October wedding was modern, spacious and elegant. I’m super honored that their wedding was just featured on one of the best wedding blogs in Oregon, Portland Style Unveiled. I was super excited to see the stunning layout of images, and the great write up from Angela, the bride.

From the write up, she wrote this about her wedding photography experience with Jessica Hill Photography. (I honestly started tearing up at her beautiful words, which were elegantly written and extremely touching.)

“I visited Yelp and explored the websites of several local photographers. There was a photographic style I had in mind however I was struggling to articulate it. I kept coming across websites with obviously talented photographers, however non displayed photos with any edge. Images were flat and one-dimensional and I was looking for a photography artist. Someone who played with exposures and film types, color and lenses. Someone who took photos with a “Wow” factor. Modern, Stylish.

When I came across the website for Jessica Hill, I was very excited. This woman was clearly an artist. I scheduled an appointment and met up at her studio above the train station- my favorite Portland landmark. After meeting Jessica I was most impressed by her take-control confidence. We were on the same wave length, and she was able to articulate and show me examples of the look I was seeking. After looking at photographer websites I was curious as to why only some of them offered “engagement photos”. I wasn’t sure if I wanted them and I had never heard of anyone getting them, however they were a part of each of Jessica’s photo packages. Her rationale was simple and made perfect sense- she always included them because it enabled her to learn how to best shoot the wedding couple before the big day and it’s an opportunity to learn more about the type of shots the couple wants. Makes perfect sense.

When we received our wedding photos we were blown away. First of all, Jason and I are camera shy and don’t believe we photograph well- yet she made us look fantastic. Secondly- the photos looked like they were plucked out of a magazine. Elegant, playful, artistic and just gorgeous. I’ve had no less than 20 people ask who my photographer was- and whether she’ll travel to San Francisco. As they say- a picture says a 1000 words- just check out her work to see for yourself.”

To view the full article to see all the photos, head to the “Real Weddings” page on the Portland Style Unveiled Site. To see my website, head to the Jessica Hill Wedding Portfolio.


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