are you kidding is the new yes.

Engagement_Portland4.jpg Meet Amy and Kevin. They are really kind, like to laugh and love each other.

Engagement_Portland7.jpg nature vs. urban. I love both!

Engagement_Portland5.jpg This lady wanted a pic and some change. ahh Old Town.

Engagement_Portland2.jpg Amy’s eye’s are an incredible blue!


When I asked Kevin and Amy about their engagement they both laughed a little and looked at each other. I was wondering what really happened!? As it turns out, Kevin was working in London at the time and Amy came to visit him. They went for a walk (in the rain) and Amy wanted to head back to the flat. Little did Amy know that Kevin was on a mission to propose to his high school sweet heart and carried on with the walk. When the moment happened and Kevin pulled out a stunning solitaire and the question: “Will you marry me?” happened, Amy, out of shock and joy and surprise blurted out “Are you Kidding!” Of course that was a Yes and I can’t wait to document their Eugene Oregon Vineyard Wedding in July. Thanks so much Amy and Kevin for making it to Portland from your lovely home in Cali and for dealing with the crazy lady, the rain, and the cold. Hope you love the photos and hop up and down with excitement. jh

Jessica Hill Photographyare you kidding is the new yes.

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  • Rebecca Dryer - April, 2010

    Nice Job Jessica! I love the one with the homeless woman in it. SO Portland!

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