Kimberly & Peter
Portland Wedding Photographer

vintage-portland-wedding4.jpg Kim and Peter had an incredible vintage-inspired wedding with their closest family and friends at their NE home.

vintage-portland-wedding.jpg K&P were inspired by vintage photos of their family and we tried to replicate the poses and coloring of these cherished photos that adorn their walls.

vintage-portland-wedding5.jpg Kim looked incredible in her hand dyed dress, mary janes and feathers in her hair.

vintage-portland-wedding10.jpg The ceremony was short and sweet and took place in their dining room with about 6 attendees. Very intimate and cozy.

vintage-portland-wedding7.jpg The invites and cake topper all came from their illustrator friend who used the couple and Edward Gorey as inspiration.

vintage-portland-wedding3.jpg The delicious food and bar was catered by the lovely folks at Holocene.


vintage-portland-wedding13.jpg Duchess created and tailored the suit for Peter and they are awesome.

vintage-portland-wedding18.jpg This wedding was so beyond average. It was laid back, artistic, intimate and tons of fun.


Kim and Peter created an incredible afternoon and evening of festivities surrounding their marriage on May 8th. With a small ceremony in their dining room, a cocktail and appetizer reception in their turn of the century home, this wedding was very one of a kind. Inspired by vintage images of their families ancestry and the illustrations of Edward Gorey, they created a unique atmosphere for their family and friends. I loved everything about this wedding and hope K&P love their sneak peek. Thank you so much for sharing your day and your story.

Jessica Hill PhotographyKimberly & Peter | Portland Wedding Photographer


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  • Becca Dryer - June, 2010

    SOOOO cute! Beautiful photos, Amazing work Jessica! I especially love the last one 🙂

  • Jennifer Walker - June, 2010

    I love these. You definitely captured their inspiration and it is beautiful

  • Erica Ann - June, 2010

    Gorgeous! Looks like a beautiful intimate wedding. You captured the details beautifully!

  • Merrie Jo - June, 2010

    Just marvelous!!!!!! They turned out AWESOME!!!

  • Steve Armour - June, 2010

    SWEET PICTURES!! I wish that Michelle and I were there, but we could not make it. I will be in touch very soon, and maybe you guys can make it to ours!?

  • Tiffany Grishman - June, 2010

    Stunning photo’s Jess! I’m all teary seeing them and remembering that special day. You captured Kimmy and Peter and their style perfectly!

  • christina aldan - June, 2010

    Simply brilliant, as usual! Gorgeous, Jess!

  • Jennifer Powell - June, 2010

    Great portraits. I especially love the vintage recreations. I’m sure they will be instant heirlooms.

  • Ellen Fox - June, 2010

    Looks like it was a beautiful day for your wedding and oh! so simple and you!! Wish we could have been there!!

  • Aerin - June, 2010

    These photos are absolutely stunning! Love all of the little details of the wedding that tied everything together.

  • Alana - June, 2010

    Can I become a fan of this couple? I like their style. Great photos – You told their story really well!

  • Micha - July, 2010

    Wow! Jessica, you did an amazing job in keeping with their theme. I’m always impressed by your work, but this one takes the cake…

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