Paris and Beyond
Portland Wedding Photographer

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-10.jpg Europe = Love.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-18.jpg Winged Victory of Samothrace. stunning.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-6.jpg Notre Dame de Paris – A lovely night. <br
Paris-Wedding-Photographer-8.jpg A magical taxidermy shop in the Latin Quarter.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-9.jpg awesome book store. Love this pic.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-3.jpg The oh-so lovely and fun Meredith, a friend from high school at her flat in Pigalle.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-23.jpg The view from Pompidou.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-1.jpg Street shooting- Marseille.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-2.jpg Hoping to enlarge this one.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-12.jpg Moules Frites in Marseille. An amazingly great Thanksgiving meal.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-25.jpg View from around Sacre Coeur.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-22.jpg Terrace view in Marseille. Epic evening.

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-19.jpg My view of the Mona Lisa. (I am crushing your head.. he he)

Paris-Wedding-Photographer-20.jpg In Love. So happy. So blessed.

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  • Nicole C Jones - February, 2011

    Love it!!! What an amazing trip Jessica. Those mussels look pretty darn yummy – we must partake in some soon!

  • your mama-out-law : ) - February, 2011

    Love your pictures! No surprise there…
    Love you two, too! ditto
    See you in two months? Hope so!
    xox X 2

  • Hannah - February, 2011

    Ugh, can I have a print of the view from around Sacre Coeur??? SO gorgeous.

  • Lauren - February, 2011

    These are incredible, Jessica! I feel like I was there. Made me incredibly homesick for France:) Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  • Same mama out law - March, 2011

    The view from Pompidou. (hmmm I thought someone was peeking in our bathroom window. A sculptor, no less. Who’da thunk? ; )

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