Jillian and Greg
Portland Cathedral Park Engagements


Jillian and Greg are a rad couple who I had the pleasure of photographing recently at Cathedral Park. When emailing with Jillian about a location for the engagements, she said this about the place: “We’ve decided on Cathedral Park. Not only do we drive by it every time we come over to one of our favorite breweries, we think it is a great balance between the outdoors (of which we love) and great architecture.” I couldn’t have said it better and love that we finished the photo shoot at their favorite brewery, Portland Brewing¬†Company, in NW Industrial, where we also took some fun pics. I had a blast with them and can’t wait for their downtown Portland wedding this September!


Jessica Hill PhotographyJillian and Greg | Portland Cathedral Park Engagements

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  • JOS - June, 2013

    Nice shots! Fun! Creative!

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