Love Wins! Oregon United for Marriage at the Melody

Last week, a historic event happened in Oregon. Oregon announced that same-sex couples can legally marry! I have always felt that marriage and love is not a privilege kept only for those who have a traditional relationship, but a right for everyone to love and marry whom they choose. I was honored to volunteer at the Melody Ballroom last week on Monday, May 19th, 2014 with Oregon United for Marriage, a wonderful organization that has worked really hard to change the way marriage is viewed in Oregon and beyond. Honoring same-sex couples in marriage strengthens our community, our state and the nation. I witnessed and documented over 10 weddings and thousands of couples who have been together for, sometimes, decades waiting for Oregon to finally recognize them as a married couple. I was humbled and honored, brought to tears, laughed until my face hurt and danced in celebration. Thank you Oregon. Love Wins!

Jessica Hill PhotographyLove Wins! Oregon United for Marriage at the Melody