Meredith and Peter
Youngberg Hill Oregon Wine Country Wedding

Meredith and Peter have been together for well over a decade…That’s the kind of love that conquers all, transcends time and feels like home. They met while attending college at Portland State and over the last decade they have traveled to Europe, Australia, Spain, conquered the slopes of Jackson Hole, Park City, Lake Tahoe and now reside in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Their October wedding was amazing, with lots of sun, great energy, laughter, food from Willaby’s catering and stunning views from the top of Youngberg Hill. Coordinated by Jean with Stargazer weddings, with Distinctive Designs on the stunning florals and a bridal gown from BHLDN, along with vintage family jewelry; this was truly a gorgeous and intimate wedding. A moment that I personally will never forget was from their reading of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot during the ceremony “For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” This line to me has so much hope, beauty and truth and so do Meredith and Peter. Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-001 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-002 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-003 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-004 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-005 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-006 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-007 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-009 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-010 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-011Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-012Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-013Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-014Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-015Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-016Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-017Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-018Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-019Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-020Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-021Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-022Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-023Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-024Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-025Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-026Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-027Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-028Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-029Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-030Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-031Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-032Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-033Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-034Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-035Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-036Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-038Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-037Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-039

Jessica Hill PhotographyMeredith and Peter | Youngberg Hill Oregon Wine Country Wedding

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  • Meredith Orr & Peter Dassenko - November, 2015

    Choosing a photographer for us was just as important as purchasing our wedding bands. After several interviews and research, we chose #JessicaHillPhotography. Would not have gone any other way.

    Jessica has this contagious spirit and energy about her. It was important that we jived well and could be around this person for hours. Nailed it – we good.

    Jessica’s professionalism and expertise was clearly demonstrated from the beginning. Her style of communication while also knowing when to listen to the client was a perfect mix that worked well.

    We loved the online portal and easy of use of being able to simply access correspondence, payment records and contract terms. Honestly, vendors that don’t have this type of setup need to catchup with the rest of the pack. From a client experience standpoint, its a no-brainer.

    You want a photographer that is talented, respectful, asks the right questions and knows when to user their intuition and make the decision that needs to be made. As many told us, the hours went by like minutes on our wedding day. Before we knew it was time to walk down the aisle. Jessica’s calm, easy-going nature made the entire day stress free.

    We received several comments from our friends and family saying how great our photographer was and how she did a great job at disguising herself by blending in with the celebration. There was no obvious “Hi, I’m the photographer – can I take your picture?” moments. Thank goodness.

    We loved how Jessica knew when to pull one of us aside at the appropriate moment to ask us a question on our wedding day. When we refer to intuition, this is what we are talking about. Knowing when the right moment is. Isn’t that a big part of photography anyways? Capturing that moment.

    There’s no surprise that Jessica is talented. Just look at her beautiful work as she captured our engagement session in San Francisco and our wedding at #YoungbergHillVineyards in Oregon. When we received the email with the subject line “You’re on the blog”, gleeful text messages were fired off immediately! Our pictures were in!

    The angles, the poses, the light, the composition – every detail is what Jessica takes into account when delivering on her art. We could not be more happier as not only do we have gorgeous photographs to cherish for a lifetime, but for the mutual respect and friendship that was formed.

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