Sophie & Denis
A Downtown Portland Courthouse Wedding

Timeless, stylish, intimate and elegant are a few of the words I would use to describe this darling wedding with Sophie and Denis. Their Covid-safe Portland courthouse ceremony was exactly what the two wanted, intimate and special, with just the judge and Sophie’s mom and Denis’s sweet three-legged German Shepard in attendance. The couple prepared in their rooms at the Benson Hotel before making it official at the downtown Portland courthouse. Afterwards, with their close family, they celebrated with a sweet champagne toast and a delicious Pavlova from Papa Hayden back at the Benson. Even the smallest weddings have huge emotion and photo opportunities. Loved the confetti poppers they brought to celebrate the post-ceremony couple.

Downtown Portland weddings are some of the most timeless and classy. Love the architecture, the energy and the elegance. Check out this blog with Christina and Issac at their Blue Hour Wedding in downtown Portland.

EvanLSophie & Denis | A Downtown Portland Courthouse Wedding