Elijah Hoffman

Elijah’s sharp eye and quick wit capture the moments of each wedding thoughtfully and professionally. He’s a talented photographer with a degree in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Photography in New York, his home state. With a disposition towards fine tailors, rare whisky and tree forts, his fun presence is always warmly received and he may be known to sling his camera in the air and get down to Kanye all the while taking impressive pics of your fun party.

EvanLElijah Hoffman

Lindsay Hile

Lindsay has been with the Jessica Hill Photography team since April of 2011 when she walked into my studio (At that time in Union Station) and told me that we had to work together due to the fact that we both had red hair and had ‘almost’ the same last name, oh and she rocked at Lightroom, I loved her from that moment and so will you! Her kind and genuine personality shines through whether she’s perfecting a image, meeting you for a proofing session or just kicking butt in general. ¬†Lindsay’s also an avid photographer, and owns Sit Stay Pet Photography in SE Portland. Her photos of animals are wonderful, and I truly think that her ability to be patient and intuitive with animals says a ton.

EvanLLindsay Hile