Adrianne Mah & Daren Chow

After taking a look at Jessica’s web site we knew this was the photographer we wanted to document our wedding. Her pictures all have a style about them that make you say “Wow” and perfectly capture the moment and the subject’s personality.
When we met Jessica for our engagement session, my wife and I ended up having a lot more fun than we had expected. We felt like rock stars roaming around downtown Portland. Not only did the photos turn out great, but Jessica was very personable and made us feel comfortable being ourselves in front of the camera.
Our wedding took place in California and Jessica and Erica flew down to capture our special day. They took some fun pictures of us before the wedding with our bridal party and also documented the rest of the event. We just got our pictures back from the wedding and they look great.
Besides the great artwork that Jessica produces, her web site is also very good. We were able to take care of all of our payments online as well as select and review the pictures for our engagement book and wedding books. I haven’t used other photographers before, but the system she has setup is very slick.

Our experience with Jessica was nothing short of fantastic.

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