Baby Harper!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_1.jpg Baby Harper Jane was born in July and is as cute as a button! I was lucky enough to document her parent’s beautiful wedding back in 2008 and am SO happy for them and their new family!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_3.jpg Adore these pics of both mom and dad giving kisses to baby Harper! I think these two black and white images would be stunning as a side-by-side canvas!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_9.jpg Look at those eyes!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_7.jpgA beautiful family!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_5.jpg Harper is such a little doll baby! I bet her beautiful hair and blue eyes make all the other little baby girls jealous on the play ground!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_12.jpg Love this last pic of the day where baby Harper is asleep after a long day of modeling!

Baby Harper Jane is such a sweet and calm little girl! I was SO thrilled to find out that Mona and Jeff were expecting and my heart melted a little when I heard she was a baby girl named Harper Jane! Is this not the cutest name for a baby girl ever!? I held her and she was super bright eyed and curious about all the photography equipment and props in the studio. (A promising new photographer!?)

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Harper!

Baby Landon!

Baby_Landon-013.jpg Baby sneeze… pretty much the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Baby_Photography_Portland_5.jpg Meet baby Landon, the most adorable pumpkin!

Baby_Photography_Portland_1.jpg Love these eyes and his expressive face!

Baby_Photography_Portland_4.jpg Waitin’ for the train in the studio at Union Station.

Baby_Photography_Portland_8.jpg Tiny toes and baby hands make me smile…so darling

Baby_Photography_Portland_6.jpg Proud and happy mama!

Mom and Dad have a big and beautiful son and I couldn’t be happier for them and their family! Baby Landon is 4 months old here and he’s growing by the minute. We had a little fun with the autumn leaves and I love the pic where he is holding onto a beautiful one. Hope you love the sneak peek M&B! Landon is a gorgeous baby boy and you’re so very lucky! xo

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Landon!