Baby Hailey and Family
A Portland Family Photographer

Brett and Laurie recently welcomed the beautiful baby Hailey into this world and I’m so honored to have photographed their family. Not only did I get to document their new baby girl, I also had the privilege of photographing their fun wedding at Black Butte Ranch back in 2015!  I love being able to document in people’s homes and I love the intimate details that make us this beautiful life, like dad’s thumb being held by his daughter’s tiny hand or the softness of mom’s shhhhing her baby girl to sleep. These are the moments and this is why I love what I do!!! Thank you Laurie and Brett for inviting me into your home! 

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Hailey and Family | A Portland Family Photographer

The Icopini Family and Baby Sam!

Wow! This family makes me smile all the time. Not only did I have the pleasure of working with Dean, Kate and their beautiful son; Sam, but I also have the pleasure of being close friends with these fine people. Love their energy, laughter, amazing cooking and being on the same team as Kate when we play Heads Up. (For the Win!!!) This family is on another level and my husband, Evan, and I are so happy to have them as friends, neighbors and almost family. xo. So happy for you guys. baby-photos-portland-10 baby-photos-portland-02 baby-photos-portland-03 baby-photos-portland-04

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Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Icopini Family and Baby Sam!