Allison and Aaron
A Timberline Mt. Hood Engagement

I couldn’t stop smiling with Allison and Aaron as we tromped around Mt. Hood in the knee deep snow for their engagement session. They are college sweethearts and have that kind of familiarity that is truly a joy to be around! They were troopers during the shoot as we had an icey rain pour on us and we were all freezing and wet. You can see how soaked we got in the last few pics!

I’ve known Allison and Aaron for over 5 years now and I had the absolute pleasure of having Allison as my intern from 2011-2012 while she was attending college at the Art Institute of Portland. She’s a super talented photographer and graphic designer and now works full time at Columbia Sportswear in the design department. SO proud of her and her accomplishments! When they contacted me about their wine country wedding for this August, I couldn’t have been more happy to hear that she and Aaron are getting married- as they truly are the perfect couple. VERY excited for their upcoming wedding at Vista Hills Vineyard. Love you guys!

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Jessica Hill PhotographyAllison and Aaron | A Timberline Mt. Hood Engagement

Sneak Peek
Emma and Chris at Timberline Resort

Emma and Chris’s wedding was sweet, fun and beautiful. The weather was perfect on top of Mt. Hood at the historic Timberline Lodge. The vows, the toasts, the laughs, such a great time had by all! Looking forward to sharing more from this sweet day soon!

Jessica Hill PhotographySneak Peek | Emma and Chris at Timberline Resort

Ina and Ben
Mt. Hood Engagement Photography

Ina, Ben and I all met up recently for their darling engagement session in the snow! They brought their amazing pups and we all had a ton of fun. (Maybe too much, considering the snow ball fight got pretty serious!!!) I can’t wait to document their wedding this month at the Courthouse and Blue Hour!

Jessica Hill PhotographyIna and Ben | Mt. Hood Engagement Photography