The Icopini Family and Baby Sam!

Wow! This family makes me smile all the time. Not only did I have the pleasure of working with Dean, Kate and their beautiful son; Sam, but I also have the pleasure of being close friends with these fine people. Love their energy, laughter, amazing cooking and being on the same team as Kate when we play Heads Up. (For the Win!!!) This family is on another level and my husband, Evan, and I are so happy to have them as friends, neighbors and almost family. xo. So happy for you guys. baby-photos-portland-10 baby-photos-portland-02 baby-photos-portland-03 baby-photos-portland-04

baby-photos-portland-09 baby-photos-portland-07baby-photos-portland-08baby-photos-portland-01

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Icopini Family and Baby Sam!

Coco’s Six Month Baby Photos!
Portland and San Francisco Family Photography

I’ve known Evan for over 10 years and I’m honored to now know his wife, Suzy and their beautiful daughter, Coco. While visiting San Francisco, I was able to capture some candids of this gorgeous family in their Berkley home. Love the intimate nature of these images with all the coziness of home. xo Love these guys. six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-001 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-002 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-003 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-004 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-005 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-006 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-007Six

Jessica Hill PhotographyCoco’s Six Month Baby Photos! | Portland and San Francisco Family Photography

The Winters Family
Portland Family and Baby Photography

Aubrey and Steve are a beautiful couple and then they made a baby! Spencer is a doll and a super sweet baby boy. I had the pleasure of working with this family in their home in SE Portland for Spencer’s 2 month photos. Love their decor in his nursery and his cute little face! Thanks for choosing me to photograph your loving family! best-family-photos-portland-oregon-001 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-002 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-003 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-004 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-005 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-006 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-007 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-008 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-009 best-family-photos-portland-oregon-010

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Winters Family | Portland Family and Baby Photography

The Farrara Family

This beautiful family just welcomed a beautiful new addition, baby Grey, and we had a blast playing in the leaves at Laurelhurst Park on a beautiful fall day! Jackson, their oldest son, is such a great big brother! Maggie is a great and beautiful dog. She did so great for the camera!

Thank you Autumn and Eric for choosing me to document these cherished moments as your family grows! Congratulations!

Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Farrara Family

Baby Harper!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_1.jpg Baby Harper Jane was born in July and is as cute as a button! I was lucky enough to document her parent’s beautiful wedding back in 2008 and am SO happy for them and their new family!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_3.jpg Adore these pics of both mom and dad giving kisses to baby Harper! I think these two black and white images would be stunning as a side-by-side canvas!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_9.jpg Look at those eyes!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_7.jpgA beautiful family!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_5.jpg Harper is such a little doll baby! I bet her beautiful hair and blue eyes make all the other little baby girls jealous on the play ground!

Portland_Baby_Photographers_12.jpg Love this last pic of the day where baby Harper is asleep after a long day of modeling!

Baby Harper Jane is such a sweet and calm little girl! I was SO thrilled to find out that Mona and Jeff were expecting and my heart melted a little when I heard she was a baby girl named Harper Jane! Is this not the cutest name for a baby girl ever!? I held her and she was super bright eyed and curious about all the photography equipment and props in the studio. (A promising new photographer!?)

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Harper!

Baby Landon!

Baby_Landon-013.jpg Baby sneeze… pretty much the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Baby_Photography_Portland_5.jpg Meet baby Landon, the most adorable pumpkin!

Baby_Photography_Portland_1.jpg Love these eyes and his expressive face!

Baby_Photography_Portland_4.jpg Waitin’ for the train in the studio at Union Station.

Baby_Photography_Portland_8.jpg Tiny toes and baby hands make me smile…so darling

Baby_Photography_Portland_6.jpg Proud and happy mama!

Mom and Dad have a big and beautiful son and I couldn’t be happier for them and their family! Baby Landon is 4 months old here and he’s growing by the minute. We had a little fun with the autumn leaves and I love the pic where he is holding onto a beautiful one. Hope you love the sneak peek M&B! Landon is a gorgeous baby boy and you’re so very lucky! xo

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Landon!

Baby Gavin

baby_photography_portland_4.jpg This is the cutest baby ever!

baby_photography_portland_1.jpg Mom and Dad play and read to baby Gavin while chilling in the studio.. So precious!

baby_photography_portland_10.jpg A fun family pic! Splashing in the Summer 🙂


I love babies. Matt and Sarah and baby Gavin are the cutest family ever! We met up at the studio and walked around the Pearl together and had tons of fun with baby Gavin. Matt and Sarah are the proud parents of this baby gem. Gavin loved the camera and was so fun to be with and and photograph! His dimples.. aw! Hope you love the sneak peek!

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Gavin

Promo Video!

Jessica Hill Photography Promo from Lights in the Attic Films on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to Lights in the Attic for creating a unique and personal video for my bio! Jeff is a super talented videographer and you can check out his site here. I decided to create a fun promo video for clients to get to know me and who I am… (and yes, at times I’m totally cheesy!) Enjoy 🙂

Jessica Hill PhotographyPromo Video!

Baby Everton in the Studio

Please Welcome: Everton Bower Craig born 01/12/10 8:05pm 7lbs 14oz

Sarah and Jerome are the lucky & happy parents who are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary next week! Check out their awesome wedding!

little baby boy yawn!

I love the itsy bitsy toes, hands and eyelashes


Dear Baby Everton, Thank you so very much for the incredible opportunity to photograph your first weeks of life in this beautiful world.You have the most kind-hearted and lovely family. I can’t wait to see you grow and discover all the wonder and potential this planet holds for you. Big hugs, Jessica ps. Happy Anniversary Sarah and Jerome! May you both have lifetimes of happiness together 🙂

Jessica Hill PhotographyBaby Everton in the Studio