Natalie and Josh
Portland Rose Garden Engagement

We met up with Natalie and Josh at the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park for their engagement photoshoot and it was a beautiful evening making the day even more special. Natalie and Josh are a sweet, kind and fun couple. They are getting married in Sunriver, Oregon later this month and are very excited for their wedding! We love their engagement photos and wish them the very best on their upcoming big day!

Jessica Hill PhotographyNatalie and Josh | Portland Rose Garden Engagement

Christina and Ed
SE Portland Engagements

Christina and Ed and I met up recently to document their engagement in Laurelhurst park and around SE Belmont. You can’t skip Stumptown for some great coffee and cute photos! It’s been so fun to get to know this incredibly kind and smart couple. They are so perfect for each other! They just got married this past weekend and I can’t wait to share the love from their stunning J Wrigley Winery wedding!

Jessica Hill PhotographyChristina and Ed | SE Portland Engagements

Erica and Cort – Portland Lifestyle Photography


 Hanging out on the streets of Mississippi Ave in N. Portland with a deep blue sky and vintage cruiser bikes is my idea of a good time! Erica and Cort and I, along with my awesome new intern Allison, took to the streets and found some great locations along the way. Erica’s cute yellow shoes and old school red Schwinn made for tons of great colors in these pics. E&C are so fun and energetic, it’s hard not to smile when you’re around them! I’m so looking forward to their wedding at Skamania Lodge in September!
Jessica Hill PhotographyErica and Cort – Portland Lifestyle Photography

Liz and David
Portland Engagement Photographer

Portland-wedding-photographers-4.jpg Liz and David are a super cute couple that smile a lot!

Portland-wedding-photographers-1.jpg Love this pic! The colors, the textures, the light…

Portland-wedding-photographers-11.jpg The playful balloons and colors make me happy.

Portland-wedding-photographers-8.jpg The vintage outfits at Union Station make this timeless and classic!


David and Liz are tying the knot in July at the incredible Zenith Vineyards and I’m super excited to be a part of their wedding. We met up recently for this fun shoot in and around Union Station. I love their energy together and loved the outfits they chose. (In love with Liz’s pencil skirt!) They are both engineers and love architecture, so we incorporated a lot into the pics. Hope you love the sneak peek L&D and I can’t wait for your wedding!

Jessica Hill PhotographyLiz and David | Portland Engagement Photographer

Jenni & Kyley
Portland Engagement Photos

portland_wedding_photographers3.jpg Jenni teaches at Barre 3 in the Pearl and we were able to photograph inside during the rain for some awesome pics! How bad ass is this pic!?

portland_wedding_photographers6.jpg Love all these pics that truly embody J&K’s personalities! check out Barr 3 for an awesome workout that combines ballet barre, yoga and pilates!

portland_wedding_photographers1.jpg My personal fave. Love the elements of nature coming together here!

portland_wedding_photographers8.jpg What a hot couple!

portland_wedding_photographers4.jpg Another fave. Check her eyelashes! Wow!

portland_wedding_photographers11.jpg Their Pearl apt. is ultra hip and has great light and color!


Jenni and Kyley and I all met up recently for a quintessential Portland photo shoot, with a little bit of sun and a lot of rain. Luckily, J&K live in the Pearl and we had a few awesome opportunities to duck for cover and create personal pics of the couple in their hip apartment, and in the courtyard of the impressive building. They are also in the process of selling their space, so these pics will be really meaningful after they’ve moved and can reminisce about their first space together as a couple. I’m really looking forward to their Aug. 28th wedding and hope they love the sneak peek!

Jessica Hill PhotographyJenni & Kyley | Portland Engagement Photos

Kimberly & Peter
Portland Wedding Photographer

vintage-portland-wedding4.jpg Kim and Peter had an incredible vintage-inspired wedding with their closest family and friends at their NE home.

vintage-portland-wedding.jpg K&P were inspired by vintage photos of their family and we tried to replicate the poses and coloring of these cherished photos that adorn their walls.

vintage-portland-wedding5.jpg Kim looked incredible in her hand dyed dress, mary janes and feathers in her hair.

vintage-portland-wedding10.jpg The ceremony was short and sweet and took place in their dining room with about 6 attendees. Very intimate and cozy.

vintage-portland-wedding7.jpg The invites and cake topper all came from their illustrator friend who used the couple and Edward Gorey as inspiration.

vintage-portland-wedding3.jpg The delicious food and bar was catered by the lovely folks at Holocene.


vintage-portland-wedding13.jpg Duchess created and tailored the suit for Peter and they are awesome.

vintage-portland-wedding18.jpg This wedding was so beyond average. It was laid back, artistic, intimate and tons of fun.


Kim and Peter created an incredible afternoon and evening of festivities surrounding their marriage on May 8th. With a small ceremony in their dining room, a cocktail and appetizer reception in their turn of the century home, this wedding was very one of a kind. Inspired by vintage images of their families ancestry and the illustrations of Edward Gorey, they created a unique atmosphere for their family and friends. I loved everything about this wedding and hope K&P love their sneak peek. Thank you so much for sharing your day and your story.

Jessica Hill PhotographyKimberly & Peter | Portland Wedding Photographer

Kaley & Brent
Portland Engagement Photos

Pearl-District-Photographer3.jpg How fun and awesome is this pic…partly because of the No Parking detail, mostly because of Kaley’s awesome hair!

Pearl-District-Photographer1.jpg We found this great truck in a nearby parking lot, but much to our surprise their was a killer dog in the front seat. (well, maybe not killer, but really scary!)

Pearl-District-Photographer.jpg I’m in love with the motion involved with this series.

Pearl-District-Photographer5.jpg This building is so very 1940’s Dick Tracy…so rad

Pearl-District-Photographer11.jpgTwo great shots from my awesome new second photographer Liam. Great pics of a hot couple!


Kaley and Brent along with Liam and I met up recently for a creative and fun engagement shoot in the Pearl District and China Town in NW Portland. Kaley and Brent are a really fun and intelligent couple who are getting married in August at the lovely Waverly Country Club. I’m really looking forward to documenting their first steps together as husband and wife. Hope you love the sneak peek K&B!

Jessica Hill PhotographyKaley & Brent | Portland Engagement Photos

Rachel & Anthony
Portland Engagement Photos

Love this photo of R&A with the postcard stand!

We took a a few pics in their amazing waterfront loft, in the Pearl.

Union_Station_Photographer10.jpg One of personal faves from the session!

Union_Station_Photographer13.jpg A super hot couple!


Rachel and Anthony are an awesome couple who are planning a Friday night wedding on the Eco-Trust rooftop. We had a great time during their engagements with all the colors and textures in the Pearl District. The couple has a modern and clean style, so we incorporated a lot of incredible architecture. I’m so excited to photograph their wedding in July! Hope you love the sneak peek R&A!

Jessica Hill PhotographyRachel & Anthony | Portland Engagement Photos

Britt & David
Portland Engagement Photos

Portland_wedding_SE.jpg David proposed to Britt with 1000 paper cranes that he folded. The tradition comes from an ancient Japanese legend, which grants the receiver of the cranes with 1000 years of happiness and prosperity.

Portland_wedding_SE_5.jpg Love these vintage-inspired images in a cool phone booth. These things are practically vintage!

Portland_wedding_SE_7.jpg David brought his bow and arrow and we set up some imaginative theme photos. I love love love this image!

Portland_wedding_SE_2.jpg Britt is in medical school and is almost Dr. Brittany! Her wonderful parents bought her this medical bag to keep her supplies in.

Portland_wedding_SE_10.jpg Their dog, Tycho, was in tow and was the sweetest thing ever! How cute is it that they all match!

Britt and David are tying the knot in September of this year at the incredible Lac de Fleur gardens. We recently met up in SE Portland for their unique engagement photo session, which was inspired by all things B&D! They brought their favorite things that meant the most to them, including David’s bow and arrow, Britt’s medical bag, and of course, their awesome dog, Tycho! Britt and David are a creative and intelligent couple and I can’t wait for their wedding! Hope you love the sneak peek B&D!

Jessica Hill PhotographyBritt & David | Portland Engagement Photos