Billy & Griffin
A San Francisco Engagement

After photographing Griffin’s high school senior photos back in 2009 (omg) we’ve stayed Facebook friends since and I was overjoyed to see the notification that he and Billy were engaged! I met up with them in Sausalito for delish oysters and white wine and great convos before heading into the Marin Headlands to photograph their epic Golden Gate sunset portraits. I loved capturing their stylish and elegant yet laid-back styles and seeing them interact, laugh and love each other. I’m so happy these two found each other from Thailand and Oregon respectively in the Golden City.

Jessica Hill PhotographyBilly & Griffin | A San Francisco Engagement

Coco’s Six Month Baby Photos!
Portland and San Francisco Family Photography

I’ve known Evan for over 10 years and I’m honored to now know his wife, Suzy and their beautiful daughter, Coco. While visiting San Francisco, I was able to capture some candids of this gorgeous family in their Berkley home. Love the intimate nature of these images with all the coziness of home. xo Love these guys. six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-001 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-002 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-003 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-004 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-005 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-006 six-month-baby-photos-portland-oregon-007Six

Jessica Hill PhotographyCoco’s Six Month Baby Photos! | Portland and San Francisco Family Photography