Allison & Aaron
A Domaine de Broglie Vineyard Wedding

Aaron and Allison, a couple near and dear to my heart, recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. I was beyond honored when Allison asked me to photograph her wedding because Allison had actually spent a year or so interning for me while pursuing a degree in art school. It was during this time that I was able to meet Aaron (her then boyfriend) and her sweet family. Allison is now a full time designer at Columbia Sportswear and I am such a proud Mama Bear! Allison and Aaron had a fun, wine-country celebration beneath the trees at the gorgeous Domaine de Broglie Vineyard. Formally known as “Vista Hills Estate”, this beautiful piece of land is now owned by the Copolla Family who have brought with them a fresh and revitalized energy to these famous grounds. Your Perfect Bridesmaid totally nailed the day’s timeline and curated every detail to perfection. Allison, who is super close with her family, chose to do a first look with her dad and brother before meeting Aaron at the end of the aisle. The heart-warming moment didn’t leave a dry eye around. Surrounded by the warm glow of golden hour in the vines, Aaron gave Allison the most loving looks as they exchanged vows. I am so grateful to not only have had the opportunity to capture this beautiful occasion but to have had the opportunity to cultivate the relationship I so cherish with Allison and Aaron. Cheers to Aaron and Allison on their recent anniversary!

Jessica Hill PhotographyAllison & Aaron | A Domaine de Broglie Vineyard Wedding

Meredith and Peter
Youngberg Hill Oregon Wine Country Wedding

Meredith and Peter have been together for well over a decade…That’s the kind of love that conquers all, transcends time and feels like home. They met while attending college at Portland State and over the last decade they have traveled to Europe, Australia, Spain, conquered the slopes of Jackson Hole, Park City, Lake Tahoe and now reside in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Their October wedding was amazing, with lots of sun, great energy, laughter, food from Willaby’s catering and stunning views from the top of Youngberg Hill. Coordinated by Jean with Stargazer weddings, with Distinctive Designs on the stunning florals and a bridal gown from BHLDN, along with vintage family jewelry; this was truly a gorgeous and intimate wedding. A moment that I personally will never forget was from their reading of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot during the ceremony “For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” This line to me has so much hope, beauty and truth and so do Meredith and Peter. Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-001 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-002 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-003 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-004 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-005 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-006 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-007 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-009 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-010 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-011Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-012Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-013Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-014Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-015Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-016Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-017Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-018Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-019Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-020Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-021Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-022Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-023Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-024Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-025Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-026Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-027Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-028Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-029Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-030Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-031Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-032Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-033Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-034Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-035Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-036Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-038Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-037Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-039

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMeredith and Peter | Youngberg Hill Oregon Wine Country Wedding

Gloria and Maggie
A Eugene Winery Wedding

On a warm Thursday evening in July, 100 of Gloria and Maggie’s nearest and dearest family and friends gathered at Sweetcheeks Winery beneath a giant oak tree in the gorgeous Willamette wine country near Eugene, Oregon to celebrate love. And Oh how Glo and Maggie’s love was celebrated!!! With lots of laughter, readings from the most recent Supreme Court Ruling for united marriage equality, light up bowties, a bubble machine and so much love… this was one of those weddings that I’ll never forget. I made new friends and I felt like family. Thank you Glo and Maggie, you two are amazing and I was honored to document your truly remarkable wedding.

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Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-017 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-018 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-019 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-020 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-021 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-022 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-023Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-024Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-025Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-026Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-027Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-028Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-029Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-030Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-031Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-032Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-033Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-035Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-036Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-037Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-038Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-039Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-034Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-040





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Jessica Hill PhotographyGloria and Maggie | A Eugene Winery Wedding