Engagements FAQ

You’re getting married and we are so excited for you!

The engagement session is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know you as a couple and learn what you love. Sure, we’ve met with you before, but we want to see more of your unique personalities in action so we can know how to best photograph you for your wedding! Some couples really adore very romantic photos and some like them playful and fun or both! You might be thinking of engagement photos and cheesy overly-romantic images come to mind, or a stiff headshot, once reserved for the local newspaper announcement. Well, not true! Modern engagement photography is totally different, laid-back and fun. One thing you might notice is that Jessica’s images are as unique and as individual as the couple. She achieves this by photographing your engagements and getting to know you to truly capture who you are, both as a couple and individually.

Where should we shoot?

Your session will last about 90-120 minutes at two locations of your choice in or around the Portland area. We definitely have some places we can recommend to you, but it’s best if you choose a location that is personal for you as a couple like your favorite neighborhood, the place you went on your first date, or anything sweet and memorable. We can’t wait to hear your ideas! Here’s some of ours:

Sauvie Island

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens
NW Industrial District
Belmont Avalon Arcade
Sellwood Area
Oaks Park
Overlook Park
The Portland Zoo
The Portland Art Museum
Hoyt Arboretum
Alberta or Mississippi District
Crown Point in the Gorge

**please don’t be late to your session as this will take away from the session time**

What should I wear?

Bring two different looks and feel free to bring fun accessories to dress the looks up or down, like hats, scarfs and jackets. You may want to steer clear from being too matching, wearing bright red or green, as it will cast a color on your skin, and white. White is okay is small amounts. Make sure you’ve worn the clothes once or twice before so you know if you’re comfortable. Most of our couples like to bring one everyday look, like jeans and t-shirts, as well and a fancier look with a dress and a button down, but make sure it feel like you!

Here’s a few engagement shoots for outfit inspiration:

Billy & Griffin

Anna and Spenser

Hailey and Josh

How should I do my hair and makeup?

Ah, yes…this is really important! First of all, please make sure to get enough sleep the night before so you don’t have puffy or red eyes and make sure you have enough time to prepare for your shoot. It really shows in your photos! Also be sure to have eaten beforehand or bring snacks as hangry is no way to be for this memorable experience!

We suggest using a makeup/hair artist! The difference in the photos is huge! We definitely prefer a more natural look, and our favorite artist knows exactly how to create the perfect defined, yet natural feel. You really won’t be sorry that you did this! Check out Olivia HawthorneJein KingFace Body Beauty and Contour Makeup Art.

If you’d like to try it on your own, then we suggest defining your eyes with a little mascara and eyeliner on the top lids so your pretty eyes pop in the photos. Also make sure to cover any blemishes and add a swipe of light blush and a lipstick that is a couple shades darker than your natural lip.

For hair, natural and not too done up is best! Soft curls always look pretty to add volume.

Can I bring my dog?

We love pups! Yes, of course! Make sure to bring a few treats for bribing smiles and sitting! Actually, many couples like to honor their pets with a large bamboo print on their wall featuring their furry friend

What happens after the shoot?

Your shoot includes an online gallery of your color perfected images for 90 days where you can order prints, your engagement book, and show off your images to your friends and family. We highly suggest that you come into the studio for a viewing and ordering session, which we will email you about once your images are ready (usually 4-6 weeks)   This is a great opportunity for us to show you two all your beautiful images for the first time on our huge color-calibrated screen and guide you through any orders you would like to make. Any orders placed at that time are 15% off. Once you see our amazing wall options and engagement books, you won’t want to miss out on this!

What do we do with the images?

Some couples like to print out large photos to display at their reception or for their home. This is a great idea and just one of so many ways to use your fun and memorable images from your engagement shoot! Lots of couples love the 8*8 or the 10*10 Engagement sign-In Album, which is the greatest guestbook for your wedding.  We design the album with select photos from your shoot and leave enough white space so that your guests can write you sweet notes of congratulations.  We prefer to use your wedding font and colors to make sure your sign-in book looks perfect on the table. We absolutely LOVE these albums!  They are such a special keepsake from your wedding and often the only other professional photos a couple will have of themselves other than their wedding photos. Don’t make the mistake of doing the awesome engagement session and then let your hard drive of images just sit there! Memories from your engagement shoot will look amazing on your walls or in a stunning keepsake guest sign-in album.

Here’s a few examples of our favorite Engagement Sign in Albums:

Kellen & Ty

Jen and Vic

Cat and Sam

               Your shoot is going to be so much fun! Please don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you might have.

We look forward to working with you & photographing this super fun time!

Jessica Hill PhotographyEngagements FAQ