Andrea & Dave – Garden Vineyards Wedding

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-8.jpg Andrea and Dave are a remarkable and compassionate couple with great style!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-7.jpg I love her sexy Stuart Weitzman heels… So cute!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-3.jpg Amy Kuschel Couture of SanFran designed her breathtaking dress.

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-19.jpg I’m really into having your “something blue” be your earrings…So classy and clever!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-1.jpg Dave’s face when he first saw Andrea was priceless!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-10.jpg Garden Vineyards is a stunning venue with picturesque views in every direction!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-13.jpg Crystal Lilies did the incredible flowers.

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-12.jpg Dave is a handsome groom!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-21.jpg Andrea is a beautiful bride! Her amazing makeup by the talented Nicole Wagner.

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-2.jpg Love this pic of Andrea and her dad right before they walk down the aisle.

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-18.jpg WooHoo! Now pronouncing husband and wife!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-14.jpg Andrea’s bro was the officiant and did a great job, it was really fun!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-6.jpg The delicious meal was created by the talented team at Art of Catering. Ann Wood hand made the cake topper love birds. I heart these lil’ guys and her inspiring work!

Garden-Vineyards-Weddings-15.jpg Portland Photo Booth in the house!


Dave and Andrea sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! I recently had the pleasure of documenting Andrea and Dave’s June wedding at the Garden Vineyards Estate. Their red and blue color scheme and their lovebird theme made everyone smile and found inspiration in every nook and cranny. They created an elegant and vintage-inspired wedding with contemporary and fun elements. Andrea and Dave both live in the Bay area, but Andrea grew up here and has a lot of family in Oregon. Their family and friends celebrated into the night while the band played on. Hope you love the sneak peek A&D! Big Hearts!
Check out Andrea & Dave’s wedding slideshow here!

Jessica Hill PhotographyAndrea & Dave – Garden Vineyards Wedding


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  • John Naccarato - July, 2010

    Nice work Jess…

  • Andrea - July, 2010

    There are no words Jessica… simply amazing!!! The photos really tell the story of our wedding day. I especially love the red and blue palette against the lush vineyard backdrop. Thank you!!!

  • Barbara Loffink - July, 2010

    Love, Love, Love these pictures. They made me cry all over again.

  • Carel Troutman - July, 2010

    Amazing pictures. Andrea looks beautiful and Dave handsome.

  • Lora Ayers - July, 2010

    I love the dress hanging in the tree, and the vineyard shots! gorgeous!

  • Greg DeSau - July, 2010

    WOW! What a great combination of talent and genetics 🙂 You two look beautiful and Lisa captured you in a way that is beyond compare.

  • Janet DeSau - July, 2010

    The photos captured the beauty and the fun of the day. I’m still talking about it!

  • Anna Phillips - July, 2010

    Truly candid shots, and so very natural. The bride & groom at their very best!! What a beautiful day captured forever

  • Linda Sanada - July, 2010

    Not your typical line them up on the altar wedding photos. So creative and refreshing! All aspects of the day were in perfect harmony.

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