Emma & Noah
A Rowena Crest Engagement

Emma and Noah’s breathtaking engagement session at Rowena Crest in Mosier, Oregon, was an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Loved meeting up with this loving and beautiful couple and their cute pupper in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge! I love the rugged hills and views of the river landscaping their fun and adventurous engagement session.

Rowena Crest, in Mosier, Oregon is known for its breathtaking beauty and iconic winding road, is not just a stunner of a location but also a geological wonder. This area is part of the Columbia River Basalt Group, featuring ancient lava flows that have shaped the stunning cliffs and unique rock formations you can see today. As Emma, Noah, and I made magic, we were surrounded by the geological history of this remarkable place.

Emma and Noah’s engagement session at Rowena Crest captured the essence of their love—a blend of adventure, passion, and the promise of a bright future together, just like the Oregon sunset that marked the beginning of their journey toward marriage. Beyond excited to photograph their wedding this weekend!

Jessica Hill PhotographyEmma & Noah | A Rowena Crest Engagement

Liz & Grant
A Black Butte Lodge Engagement

Liz & Grant and I recently met up for their engagement photoshoot at the stunning Black Butte Lodge. This is one of my favorite places in Sisters, Oregon that embodies nature’s beauty, and I loved meeting up with this kind couple for their sunset engagement photos.

The backdrop of Black Butte Lodge is nothing short of a fairytale setting. Stunning mountain views , lush forests, and an amazing lake in the foreground – it’s a photographer’s dream come true!

The way the natural sunlight played on Liz and Grant as they explored this picturesque location was pure enchantment. The beauty of engagement photos is that they capture a moment in time, a milestone in the journey of love. It’s a celebration of Liz and Grant’s commitment to each other, and these photos are a testament to the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Wishing Liz and Grant all the happiness in the world as they embark on this exciting journey in marriage and I’m excited for their wedding in Portland this weekend!

Jessica Hill PhotographyLiz & Grant | A Black Butte Lodge Engagement

Lou & Zach
A Brooklyn Engagement

Lou and Zach are a gorgeous and adventurous couple and we had the pleasure of meeting up in New York City for their engagement session on the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, Brooklyn. DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. We had a blast exploring this area and loved meeting up in the early morning to document the iconic Brooklyn Bridge with fewer pedestrians. I love the Neo-gothic architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge and was so inspired by the history and culture of New York. While exploring we found cobblestone streets, dreamy views of Manhattan from pebble beach, hidden gardens and the “most photographed” location in Brooklyn with epic views of the Manhattan Bridge. When Lou and Zach and I first connected we chatted a lot about skiing and snowboarding as they are tying the knot at Timberline Lodge, one of my favorite Oregon destinations! From NYC to Mt Hood, I’m so excited for their wedding this weekend!

Jessica Hill PhotographyLou & Zach | A Brooklyn Engagement

Jim & Chengcheng
A Historic Oregon Farm Engagement

Jim & Chengcheng and I met up at Jim’s family farm in Sherwood, Oregon for their beautiful engagement session. Jim’s family farm has been around for many generations and I loved the history of the place and the agriculture; we photographed in the old cow pasture, and the current hazelnut orchards. In addition to the history of the location, the historic cars that Jim’s father collects provided us with some vintage-inspired goodness to add to the photos! We had a blast exploring the farm and making art at sunset. This kind and intelligent couple is having a Portland wedding very soon at the Multnomah Athletic Club and I’m so excited to photograph their big day! Congrats J & C!

Jessica Hill PhotographyJim & Chengcheng | A Historic Oregon Farm Engagement

Catherine & Nick
A Gorge Crest Engagement

In the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, Catherine and Nick’s engagement session unfolded against the always enchanting backdrop of Gorge Crest Vineyard in Underwood, Washington with majestic views of Mount Hood. As they strolled through the lush grapevines hand in hand I loved documenting the small things that make them; uniquely “them” capturing stolen glances, genuine laughter, inside jokes, and sweet moments relaxing in the hammock. Gorge Crest’s hammock village should not be missed!

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the sunset gave us a beautiful show, casting a glow over the mountain views near Hood River, Oregon. The earthy tones of the vineyard complemented the vivid sky, and it was so fun capturing Catherine’s stunning engagement ring (and her great nails!) in the vines.

This engagement session was more than just photographs; it was a chapter in their story, a visual narrative of promise, and the joyous anticipation of what life’s adventures bring. Beyond excited about their wedding this weekend in Oregon’s wine country.

Jessica Hill PhotographyCatherine & Nick | A Gorge Crest Engagement

Merissa & Kyle
An Oregon Waterfall Engagement

Merissa and Kyle and I met up in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to explore some wooded trails and find some stunning waterfalls. We ended up at Latourell Falls and I love photographing this waterfall due to its accessibility and the fact that you can walk right under it. I love the moss-covered rocks and the moody vibes, perfect for wedding photography! And can we talk about their adventure truck? We had to get some pics of the couple in the back of Marissa’s rad truck- truly a symbol of their adventurous spirits. I had a blast chasing waterfalls with this kind and intelligent couple. SO excited for their wedding in the Gorge this weekend!

Jessica Hill PhotographyMerissa & Kyle | An Oregon Waterfall Engagement

Gabby & Will
A Bend Engagement

Gabby and Will and I had a ton of fun meeting up in Bend for their engagement session. I loved documenting the way Will makes Gabby laugh. Her laugh truly lights up a room (a park?) and it was so fun to document their connection! We met up at a park for their Bend engagement photos and ended up finding a few incredible nooks and crannies for the day. From the aspen grove to the views of the Three Sisters mountains to the Pizza Mondo dinner ending on the hood of their Jeep… this engagement session was really unforgettable! Can we talk about the jaw-dropping sunset with the mountains in the background!? I’m so excited for their Black Butte Lodge wedding this weekend and I’m so honored to be documenting their first steps together as husband and wife!!!

Jessica Hill PhotographyGabby & Will | A Bend Engagement

Amanda & Zack
A Trillium Lake Engagement Session

Amanda, Zack, and I met up for a magical time during late summer at Trillium Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest! As the sun began its descent, painting the sky with hues of purple and gold, it created the perfect backdrop for their romantic adventure. With their cutie-pie dog in tow, the trio set out to capture their fun engagement photos. Loved that they wanted to get into the water and fully embrace the location!

Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood in the backdrop was a perfect setting for Amanda and Zack’s Oregon engagement session. Surrounded by lush forests and mirrored by the tranquil lake, the location boasts some of the very best views of Mt. Hood up close. The couple wanted a Mt. Hood photography session for their engagements as the mountain means a lot to them. As the sun dipped lower on the horizon, casting a golden glow across the landscape, Amanda and Zack decided to embrace the magic of the moment fully by going topless!!! Loved the laughter and spontaneity of this intimate elegance and the photos came out stunningly beautiful without being at all scandalous. (a little steamy maybe but oh-so-tasteful!) SO excited about what other adventures await for their private estate wedding coming up soon!

Jessica Hill PhotographyAmanda & Zack | A Trillium Lake Engagement Session

Allie & Chris
A Columbia River Gorge Engagement

From majestic views of the Columbia River Gorge to scenic trails, nature became the backdrop for Allie & Chris’s unforgettable engagement session! The weather held strong as the sky changed from light blue to dark navy and grey and we were on the precipice of rain. The wind picked up, which I loved for Allie’s cute black dress that flowed in the wind. I loved hiking around the scenic area, near Hood River, and finding vistas and paths to follow with this kind and lovely couple. Each moment captured their unspoken connection during their Columbia River Gorge engagement session! The Gorge’s enchanting beauty brought it to light as the sky turned into majestic colors at sunset, reminding us that love knows no bounds. So excited for their upcoming wedding where they will embark on this remarkable journey of life together!

Jessica Hill PhotographyAllie & Chris | A Columbia River Gorge Engagement