Amanda & Zack
A Trillium Lake Engagement Session

Amanda, Zack, and I met up for a magical time during late summer at Trillium Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest! As the sun began its descent, painting the sky with hues of purple and gold, it created the perfect backdrop for their romantic adventure. With their cutie-pie dog in tow, the trio set out to capture their fun engagement photos. Loved that they wanted to get into the water and fully embrace the location!

Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood in the backdrop was a perfect setting for Amanda and Zack’s Oregon engagement session. Surrounded by lush forests and mirrored by the tranquil lake, the location boasts some of the very best views of Mt. Hood up close. The couple wanted a Mt. Hood photography session for their engagements as the mountain means a lot to them. As the sun dipped lower on the horizon, casting a golden glow across the landscape, Amanda and Zack decided to embrace the magic of the moment fully by going topless!!! Loved the laughter and spontaneity of this intimate elegance and the photos came out stunningly beautiful without being at all scandalous. (a little steamy maybe but oh-so-tasteful!) SO excited about what other adventures await for their private estate wedding coming up soon!

Jessica Hill PhotographyAmanda & Zack | A Trillium Lake Engagement Session

Allie & Chris
A Columbia River Gorge Engagement

From majestic views of the Columbia River Gorge to scenic trails, nature became the backdrop for Allie & Chris’s unforgettable engagement session! The weather held strong as the sky changed from light blue to dark navy and grey and we were on the precipice of rain. The wind picked up, which I loved for Allie’s cute black dress that flowed in the wind. I loved hiking around the scenic area, near Hood River, and finding vistas and paths to follow with this kind and lovely couple. Each moment captured their unspoken connection during their Columbia River Gorge engagement session! The Gorge’s enchanting beauty brought it to light as the sky turned into majestic colors at sunset, reminding us that love knows no bounds. So excited for their upcoming wedding where they will embark on this remarkable journey of life together!

Jessica Hill PhotographyAllie & Chris | A Columbia River Gorge Engagement

Jenna & Evan
A St. Johns Bridge Engagement

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to connect with this stylish and fun kind couple at Cathedral Park in North Portland, featuring the iconic St. Johns Bridge. Their engagement photos took place at the end of winter in-between days of rain and almost snow, and we lucked out with a gorgeous day and beautiful sunset! How cool is their style!!?? I had a ton of fun capturing their vintage style and love that Jenna made the purple dress by hand! She’s a talented clothing designer and will also be making her wedding dress! Jenna and Evan brought their vintage BMW convertible for the photos and we had a blast taking tons of pics in and around the cool car! (I always love some good convertible car photos!) With stunning views of the St. Johns Bridge from the park below, we took advantage of the great Oregon weather and gallivanted all over the park for different views and chased the setting sun. Can’t wait for their classic & timeless wedding in Portland this spring!

Jessica Hill PhotographyJenna & Evan | A St. Johns Bridge Engagement

Jenna & Joey
A Mt. Hood Wilderness Engagement

There’s something romantic about a snowy landscape, and the Mt. Hood Wilderness in Oregon is no exception. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Jenna and Joey in the Tea Cup Nordic Park near Mt. Hood and it was gorgeous.

Jenna loves the snow and requested snow as a backdrop for their engagements. As soon as we saw the view of the mountain with a blanket of snow, we knew we had found the perfect backdrop for their winter engagement session. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the snow sparkled like diamonds. It was the perfect winter scene.

We started the session with Jenna and Joey posing in front of the mountain. They snuggled up together, and we captured their love and connection through the lens. We even found a darling warming hut as a great location for photos (and warming up!)

The highlight of the shoot was when they decided to have a snowball fight. The couple laughed and played as snow flew everywhere. It was a candid moment that truly captured the joy and happiness of their relationship. These are the types of photographs that couples treasure for years to come. So looking forward to Jenna and Joey’s winter wedding in Sisters, Oregon this weekend to continue the winter romance!

Jessica Hill PhotographyJenna & Joey | A Mt. Hood Wilderness Engagement

Lainee & Jared
A Snowy Sunriver Engagement

Let it SNOW!!! Lainee and Jared are a fun-loving couple who I met up with last winter at their gorgeous family home in Sunriver, Oregon. My family and I love Sunriver Resort and I always enjoy heading there for engagement photo sessions, weddings, and elopements. There is no light like the light in Sunriver.

Lainee and Jared started the session on a snow-covered golf course near a stunning little lake, which was a perfect location for opening a nice “chilled” bottle of wine on a cozy Pendleton blanket. We then headed to meet up with their pups and for a fun impromptu snowball fight! Love a couple that’s not afraid to get a little silly together. Lainee and Jared and I discovered a winter wonderland near the clubhouse in their neighborhood which had the quintessential snowy bridge over the Deschutes River, which made for a great backdrop. We ended the fun session while popping a bottle of champagne in the snow. So excited for their New Year’s Eve wedding coming up this weekend, which is sure to ring in the new year with a bang! Congrats Lainee and Jared!

Jessica Hill PhotographyLainee & Jared | A Snowy Sunriver Engagement

Carolyn & James
A Vancouver Waterfront Engagement

Carolyn and James and I met up in their hometown of Vancouver, Washington to hang out along the waterfront. With tons of new restaurants, art installations, bridges and the Columbia River; the Vancouver Washington waterfront made a great photo backdrop for Carolyn and James’ love! From wondering along the dock to laughing along the walkway, we had a great time and made some great memories. It’s their wedding this weekend and I’m so excited for them!

Jessica Hill PhotographyCarolyn & James | A Vancouver Waterfront Engagement

Emily & Sam
A Portland Waterfront Engagement

Emily and Sam and I met up on a truly gorgeous fall day in Hoyt Arboretum and had a stunning view of the autumn colors in the trees. We then travelled to the East Bank on the SE waterfront for a sunset over the Willamette and the Portland Skyline. I loved their rad style Sam’s white suit coat and Emily’s black dress as they danced on the dock. These two intelligent and beautiful women met in grad school and knew the stars were aligned for love. They are planning a fun and elegant SE Portland wedding for this weekend!

Jessica Hill PhotographyEmily & Sam | A Portland Waterfront Engagement

Desiree & Alex
A Hood River Engagement

Air guitar and Rainiers on a spring evening in the Gorge? Yes please! Desiree and Alex and I met up this past spring in the Columbia River Gorge scenic area near Hood River, Oregon for their fun engagement session. With the moody clouds and the weather edging on rain, we hiked and adventured. We had a blast wondering through the cliffs and shores of this secret gem of a location, finding both rocky and scenic backdrops along the river. I have no doubt their wedding this weekend is going to be rad! Congrats D & A!

Jessica Hill PhotographyDesiree & Alex | A Hood River Engagement

Sara & Patrick
A Columbia Gorge Engagement

Sara and Patrick are a super sweet and fun couple who love the outdoors, travel and each other. After meeting online and then realizing they lived in the same apartment complex, they knew it was meant to be! We met up in the Columbia River Gorge and had a great time wondering around the woods, riverfront and cliffs. The beauty of the Columbia Gorge provides the best photography backdrops! This darling couple is getting married this weekend and I am so very happy for them! 
Jessica Hill PhotographySara & Patrick | A Columbia Gorge Engagement