Emma & Noah
A Rowena Crest Engagement

Emma and Noah’s breathtaking engagement session at Rowena Crest in Mosier, Oregon, was an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Loved meeting up with this loving and beautiful couple and their cute pupper in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge! I love the rugged hills and views of the river landscaping their fun and adventurous engagement session.

Rowena Crest, in Mosier, Oregon is known for its breathtaking beauty and iconic winding road, is not just a stunner of a location but also a geological wonder. This area is part of the Columbia River Basalt Group, featuring ancient lava flows that have shaped the stunning cliffs and unique rock formations you can see today. As Emma, Noah, and I made magic, we were surrounded by the geological history of this remarkable place.

Emma and Noah’s engagement session at Rowena Crest captured the essence of their love—a blend of adventure, passion, and the promise of a bright future together, just like the Oregon sunset that marked the beginning of their journey toward marriage. Beyond excited to photograph their wedding this weekend!

Jessica Hill PhotographyEmma & Noah | A Rowena Crest Engagement