Kate and Brandon
A Portland Love Story

Kate and Brandon are in L.O.V.E. and it makes me so happy to document their Portland love story. We photographed around North Portland and the kind folks at Paxton Gate gave us the rad opportunity to photograph at their hip Mississippi Location. Check out this incredible taxidermy wedding cake topper available on their online site! So funny. We had a blast and I can’t wait for their August wedding!

Jessica Hill PhotographyKate and Brandon | A Portland Love Story

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  • Lisa Smithey -Brandons Mama! - May, 2012

    Jessica- You make Kate and Brandon so ‘REAL’… this is THEM, totally. What do you do with bawling mom’s on ‘The Day’?…lock them in a closet? 😉 If this is a smidgen of all the photos, I cannot wait to see the rest. I would like to purchase some, how would I go about doing that? The picture of them in the restaurant, when you are taking pics from the outside intrigue me and I want to use one as a rehearsal dinner invite. Let me know where I go from here! You rock Jessica! Lisa

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