From a Bride’s Lens: My own wedding experience!

– The Love Story-

It was a warm August night and I was excited to see my dear friend, Kirstie and meet up at an industry event at the Elysian Ballroom. With a black pencil skirt and a peplum top and heels, I felt happy and excited to have a night out in the middle of a busy wedding season. We had a great dinner and a blast at the Elysian Ballroom open house. Kirstie and I felt (and looked) like we were on a set of Mad Men at the stunning venue!

Kirstie was texting a friend of hers that night who was already at Ron Toms. I was just going to head home, but she convinced me to hop across the bridge to one of my favorite bars. I was thinking I would just stop by for one drink and be on my way. She was grabbing a spot in line at the bar, as I made a dash to the bathroom line, which was particularly long for a Thursday night. Waiting and realizing my heels were killing me, I hear a friendly, yet confident question lean my way; “Hi, how has your night been?”

I turned around to look in the direction of his voice, and then our eyes met and I felt an immediate sense of connection, like a bolt of lightening and a beautiful smile came across both of our faces. I was staring into the eyes of an intelligent, creative, kind and gorgeous man and the butterflies were on. We started chatting and when my turn came, I scrambled into the bathroom and screamed a little. I was glowing and beaming and I had to remind myself to breathe! I had never experienced “love at first sight” before and even questioned if it existed, but after meeting Evan in line for the bathroom of all places, I know it does.

Our wedding will be at Mt. Hood Organic Farms on Sunday, September 28, 2014 and I am still screaming a little through every step in the process of this incredible journey of being a bride. Sometimes screaming out of stress and frustration and sometimes it’s pure happiness and excitement.  I truly had no idea how layered and complex the wedding planning process was before now.

I want to share it all with you; the ups, the downs, the little details, my dress woes, DIY invites and more. I realize I have a lot of knowledge to share in the wedding world, as I’ve documented over 400 unique couples at this point. I’ve seen perfect brides have a complete meltdown, I’ve seen a missing groom, (yeah, he never showed…) I’ve seen huge families tear up with complete joy together and I’ve been a witness to a few elopements. One thing remains though; it’s just one day.

I want to welcome you to my world of wedding planning from a bride’s lens. Stay tuned, this is sure to be an interesting few months!

From the industry event, the same night I met Evan! Kirstie is one of my four bridesmaids!

My first time snowboarding and I only fell 200 times!

Guests at a family wedding.

Triple Falls hike!

Jessica Hill PhotographyFrom a Bride’s Lens: My own wedding experience!


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  • Lindsay Stark - June, 2014

    Love this idea and soooo excited for you!

  • rose - June, 2014

    yeaaaaah!!!! you have no idea how often i think of you–i’m incredibly delighted to see you so happy. congratulations.

  • Jessica Ferber - June, 2014

    Jessica, this is great to see your journey and be able to relate to a bride’s perspective. I really look forward to reading about your progress in your wedding planning adventures as you get closer to your date. This post is so refreshing and sheds a lot of light on how you approach photographing weddings from both sides of the camera. You’re amazing, keep up the beautiful work and can’t wait to read more posts and see all of your special touches. I’m going to share this with soon to be brides, Portland’s best wedding photographer is getting married, Weeee!

  • Erinda - November, 2014

    Ah, so beautiful! I remember Evan talking to us about this night just two weeks later when we came to visit in Portland, and as he was talking about you he had sparkles in his eyes that I’d never seen before… So happy for you two!!!

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