Liz and David
Portland Engagement Photographer

Portland-wedding-photographers-4.jpg Liz and David are a super cute couple that smile a lot!

Portland-wedding-photographers-1.jpg Love this pic! The colors, the textures, the light…

Portland-wedding-photographers-11.jpg The playful balloons and colors make me happy.

Portland-wedding-photographers-8.jpg The vintage outfits at Union Station make this timeless and classic!


David and Liz are tying the knot in July at the incredible Zenith Vineyards and I’m super excited to be a part of their wedding. We met up recently for this fun shoot in and around Union Station. I love their energy together and loved the outfits they chose. (In love with Liz’s pencil skirt!) They are both engineers and love architecture, so we incorporated a lot into the pics. Hope you love the sneak peek L&D and I can’t wait for your wedding!

Jessica Hill PhotographyLiz and David | Portland Engagement Photographer


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  • Anne - June, 2010 reply

    I really like the one against the big wall. So cute!

  • Liza - June, 2010 reply

    gorgeous shots, Jessica! We’re doing their flowers, so yay! collaboration ahead! It’s going to be a beautiful wedding.

  • Liz - June, 2010 reply

    So jealous of your artistic talent but so happy we get to take advantage of it! I’m laughing just thinking of taking these. Love the balloons. Thank you for the heirlooms and joyful memories! (And Liza – can’t wait to see the flowers :))

  • katie - June, 2010 reply

    I love them all Liz! These are all great, so beautiful!

  • karen - June, 2010 reply

    Rock Stars, the both of you. Can’t wait for this wedding and for the first grandbaby which, I’m officially adopting as my own.

  • Allison - June, 2010 reply

    Wow! Amazing! You look so happy, couldn’t be more thrilled for you!

  • Karen - June, 2010 reply

    I love, love love these – especially the one with Liz laughing and the balloons – you can truly tell you guys are in love! Cant wait for the wedding – beautiful pictures~!!!!

  • Chantelle-Alisha - June, 2010 reply

    Wow! They Are Amazing!

  • Fran Taylor - June, 2010 reply

    Oh, what beautiful photographs of two really beautiful people. I am so happy for you both.
    Love, Fran

  • abby - June, 2010 reply

    you guys are super cute together!!!!can’t wait for the wedding pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh,and i totally love the balloons.

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