Jessica and Aidan | A Lake Oswego Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on September 2, 2015

Aidan and Jessica are truly a match made in the skies. Having proposed in a hot air balloon, this couple loves adventure, travel and embracing life together. To hear a list of their many journeys, it almost sounds like a choose your own adventure novel! Africa, Germany, South America, Myanmar, Indonesia, and beyond. It was such a great time hearing some of their stories, meeting their families and friends from around the world and getting to know this wonderful couple at their July 25 wedding at Lake Oswego’s Foundry. With coordination from Elizabeth at Bridal Bliss and flowers from Jordan at Blum, this was a perfect love story. Complete with a light rain shower during their ceremony on the river, a truly unforgettable moment. Congrats Jess and Aidan and thank you for choosing me to document this great adventure for you both! Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-001 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-002 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-003 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-006 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-005 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-004 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-009 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-010 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-007 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-008Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-011 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-012 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-013 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-014Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-016 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-017 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-018 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-019 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-020Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-021 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-022 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-023 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-024 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-025Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-026 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-028 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-027 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-031Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-032 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-034Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-033 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-035 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-036 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-037 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-038 dad-daughterLake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-039 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-040 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-041 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-042 Lake-Oswego-Wedding-Photos-043

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Jessica Hill PhotographyJessica and Aidan | A Lake Oswego Wedding

Whitney and John’s Weed Bar Wedding Goes Viral!

by Jessica Hill Photography on August 31, 2015

WOW! I had no clue that while I was photographing Whitney and John’s Oregon wedding, they would also be simultaneously making wedding history! Recently featured on the Huffington Post, USA Today, Mashable and sooo many more; Whitney and John’s legal weed bar with budtender went viral last week! Their gorgeous August 8th wedding on a private residence was rustic, fun and oh so chill. With the help of Elizabeth Corr at Bridal Bliss and an educated budtender, all the guests had a great and safe time while dancing their hearts out to a live band beneath towering pine trees. Check out Whitney and John’s Sunriver engagement shoot and be on the look out for their wedding photos coming soon!

Oregon-Weed-Wedding-001 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-004 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-007 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-003 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-002 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-005 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-006

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Jessica Hill PhotographyWhitney and John’s Weed Bar Wedding Goes Viral!

Molly and Levy | A Sentinel Hotel Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on August 21, 2015

Molly and Levy are one of those couples that you meet and they just stay with you. Their kindness and love for one another are so apparent in everything they do and their downtown Portland wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful! With a stunning ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church in Portland and an unforgettable cocktail hour and reception at the Sentinel Hotel, this was one of those incredible 300 person weddings that will go down in family history! I’ll never forget the ride in their uncle’s vintage red convertable all around the city as passerbyers cheered on the newlyweds! Seamless coordination from Elizabeth Corr from Bridal Bliss, bouquets from Zest Flowers, and music from Justin with Paradox Productions, it really was a dream vendor team!

Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-001 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-002 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-003 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-004 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-005 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-006 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-007 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-008 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-009 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-010 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-011 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-012Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-013Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-014Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-015Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-016Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-017Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-018Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-019Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-020Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-021Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-022Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-023 (1)Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-024Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-025Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-026Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-027 (1) Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-028 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-029 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-030 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-031 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-032 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-033 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-034Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-035 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-036 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-037 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-038 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-041 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-040 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-039 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-042

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMolly and Levy | A Sentinel Hotel Wedding

Gloria and Maggie | A Eugene Winery Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on August 12, 2015

On a warm Thursday evening in July, 100 of Gloria and Maggie’s nearest and dearest family and friends gathered at Sweetcheeks Winery beneath a giant oak tree in the gorgeous Willamette wine country near Eugene, Oregon to celebrate love. And Oh how Glo and Maggie’s love was celebrated!!! With lots of laughter, readings from the most recent Supreme Court Ruling for united marriage equality, light up bowties, a bubble machine and so much love… this was one of those weddings that I’ll never forget. I made new friends and I felt like family. Thank you Glo and Maggie, you two are amazing and I was honored to document your truly remarkable wedding.

Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-001Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-002 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-003Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-004 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-005 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-006 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-007 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-008 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-009 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-010 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-011 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-012 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-013 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-014 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-015Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-016

Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-017 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-018 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-019 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-020 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-021 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-022 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-023Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-024Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-025Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-026Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-027Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-028Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-029Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-030Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-031Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-032Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-033Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-035Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-036Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-037Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-038Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-039Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-034Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-040





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Jessica Hill PhotographyGloria and Maggie | A Eugene Winery Wedding

Ceci and Charlie | A Redwood Deck and Meadow Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on July 31, 2015

Ceci and Charlie are both professional racquetball players and met in the racquetball community at a tournament. At the time, Ceci lived in Mexico with her family and Charlie lived next door to me. After about a year or so of long distance, Ceci moved in with Charlie and we became instant friends, and Ceci became my spanish tutor! Muchas Gracias Amiga! I loved receiving the happy text that they got engaged! This gorgeous, laid-back and adventure-seeking couple wed beneath a grove of Redwoods at the Hoyt Arboretum in Forest Park. Ceci wore a stunning Nicole Miller gown from Portland’s English Department, natural makeup and hair from Contour Makeup Art and a flower crown made by family friends. Charlie has Hawaiian ancestry, which they honored with fresh plumeria leis. Surrounded with wildflowers, their reception followed in the meadow with delicious food from Crave Catering, dancing, guitar playing, and lots of merriment. So happy for this amazing pair!



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Jessica Hill PhotographyCeci and Charlie | A Redwood Deck and Meadow Wedding

Meredith and Peter | A San Francisco Engagement

by Jessica Hill Photography on July 30, 2015

Meredith and Peter have known and loved each other for almost two decades, theirs is a love that has transcended time, location and eras. I met up with this fun and amazing Bay area couple for their engagement shoot around the Sutro Baths, near the gorgeous Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco. We got to know each other over good cocktails and great conversation, finding so many things to connect about. We discovered our mutual love for the HBO show Silicon Valley and many hilarious quotes followed. “With doors that open like this… Not this..” being a fave!!! I’m beyond thrilled to be photographing their wedding in October at one of my favorite local venues, Youngberg Hill.

Destination-Portland-Photographers-007 Destination-Portland-Photographers-003 Destination-Portland-Photographers-006 Destination-Portland-Photographers-002 Destination-Portland-Photographers-001 Destination-Portland-Photographers-009 Destination-Portland-Photographers-008 Destination-Portland-Photographers-004 Destination-Portland-Photographers-011 Destination-Portland-Photographers-012 Destination-Portland-Photographers-010 Destination-Portland-Photographers-013

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMeredith and Peter | A San Francisco Engagement

Laurie and Brett | Black Butte Ranch Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on July 29, 2015

When Laurie was a little girl, she and her family vacationed at Black Butte Lodge every year. Along with the pool parties, sun burns, horse-back riding and bbq’s there were always the weekend weddings. Every summer Laurie and her sister would beg their parents to let them watch the beautiful bride and the handsome groom. After Laurie and Brett fell in love and when he proposed, Black Butte Lodge was the perfect venue. It was beyond magical to be documenting Laurie and Brett’s dream wedding and to hear stories from their families and friends about their love.  The weather, the view, Laurie’s incredible Vera Wang dress, flawless coordination from Bridal Bliss,  stunning flowers by Zest, and the music by Flipflop Sounds truly made for an unforgettable day.
Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-001 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-002 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-003 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-004 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-005 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-006 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-007 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-008 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-009 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-010 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-011 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-012 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-013 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-014 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-015 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-016 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-017 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-018 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-019 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-020 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-021 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-022 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-023 Black-Butte-Ranch-Wedding-Photos-024

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Jessica Hill PhotographyLaurie and Brett | Black Butte Ranch Wedding

Jessica & Nick | A Columbia River Gorge Engagement

by Jessica Hill Photography on July 22, 2015

Constant, strong and loyal are a few words I would use to describe the stunning waterfalls Jess, Nick and I visited on their engagement shoot this past Spring. I would also use those same words to describe Jess and Nick’s relationship. They are just as kind and beautiful as they look and I’m so excited to share some of these whimsical moments from their fun shoot. We started in Portland in the North Industrial area and ended at Horsetail Falls and Ponytail Falls in the magnificent Columbia River Gorge. I loved this transition between the urban and natural. Very cool juxtaposition between the environments. Amazing hair and makeup by Sarah Abadi with Contour Makeup Art. I’m so excited for their wedding and their honeymoon, which Nick completely planned and will be a secret to Jess until they arrive! SO romantic!

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Jessica Hill PhotographyJessica & Nick | A Columbia River Gorge Engagement