Meredith and Peter | Youngberg Hill Oregon Wine Country Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on November 23, 2015

Meredith and Peter have been together for well over a decade…That’s the kind of love that conquers all, transcends time and feels like home. They met while attending college at Portland State and over the last decade they have traveled to Europe, Australia, Spain, conquered the slopes of Jackson Hole, Park City, Lake Tahoe and now reside in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Their October wedding was amazing, with lots of sun, great energy, laughter, food from Willaby’s catering and stunning views from the top of Youngberg Hill. Coordinated by Jean with Stargazer weddings, with Distinctive Designs on the stunning florals and a bridal gown from BHLDN, along with vintage family jewelry; this was truly a gorgeous and intimate wedding. A moment that I personally will never forget was from their reading of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot during the ceremony “For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” This line to me has so much hope, beauty and truth and so do Meredith and Peter. Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-001 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-002 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-003 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-004 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-005 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-006 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-007 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-009 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-010 Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-011Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-012Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-013Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-014Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-015Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-016Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-017Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-018Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-019Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-020Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-021Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-022Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-023Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-024Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-025Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-026Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-027Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-028Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-029Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-030Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-031Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-032Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-033Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-034Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-035Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-036Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-038Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-037Youngberg-Hill-Weddings-039

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMeredith and Peter | Youngberg Hill Oregon Wine Country Wedding

Erika and Jon | A Columbia Gorge Washington Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on November 11, 2015

Erika and Jon met in Bangkok, Thailand while both traveling and that’s where their love story just begins. They later traveled together around SE Asia and slowly but surely fell in love surrounded by Buddhist monasteries and jungle hikes. Residing in both Sweden and New York respectively, they wondered how it would work with such a large distance between them. That’s when Jon took things to the next level and the adventure continued when he asked for Erika’s hand in marriage. Read their entire love story in the NY Times! They married on a beautiful September day at Beacon Rock State Park in Stevenson, Washington and the reception took place at a private residence in the Columbia River Gorge. Erika wore a remarkable dress by Antonio Gual for Tulle New York and Jon donned a classic tuxedo. Lauren with Honor Flowers created the stunning blooms and helped with day-of coordination and guests were treated to a raw oyster bar and a delicious three-course meal from Grand Cru Catering. The party went on into the night with custom beats from DJ Rev. Shines. Now newlyweds now live together in Sweden. This wedding was just as dreamy and beautiful as it was heart-felt and I’m so honored Erika and Jon chose me to document their first steps together as husband and wife. Skål!

Erika-001 hood-river-weddings-002 hood-river-weddings-003 hood-river-weddings-004 hood-river-weddings-005 hood-river-weddings-006hood-river-weddings-008 hood-river-weddings-010 hood-river-weddings-012 hood-river-weddings-013 hood-river-weddings-014 hood-river-weddings-015 hood-river-weddings-016 hood-river-weddings-018 hood-river-weddings-019 hood-river-weddings-020hood-river-weddings-021 hood-river-weddings-022 hood-river-weddings-023 hood-river-weddings-024hood-river-weddings-028 hood-river-weddings-026 hood-river-weddings-027 hood-river-weddings-029hood-river-weddings-031 hood-river-weddings-033 hood-river-weddings-035 hood-river-weddings-037 hood-river-weddings-038 hood-river-weddings-039 hood-river-weddings-040hood-river-weddings-041 hood-river-weddings-042
hood-river-weddings-044 hood-river-weddings-045 hood-river-weddings-046 hood-river-weddings-047 hood-river-weddings-048 hood-river-weddings-049

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Jessica Hill PhotographyErika and Jon | A Columbia Gorge Washington Wedding

Leslie and Matt | A Cathedral Park Wedding at St. John

by Jessica Hill Photography on October 15, 2015

Leslie and Matt’s wedding was nothing short of a fantastic, whimsical and memorable day and night of festivities beneath the St. John’s bridge in Cathedral Park. Complete with a bike decorating station, a bike parade, guests singing “A Bicycle Built for Two” during the ceremony, live music a plenty, fresh pies from Pie Spot and a choreographed dance to M.J’s Thriller, all guests were in for a treat of a wedding! Leslie and Matt have that kind of love that you can feel. There was an electricity in the air, along with some subtle rain that made for a night to remember. With Leslie’s stunning dress from Divine Designs, amazing planning from Molly Barrs with Soiree events, colorful fun florals from East West Floral Arts and a killer live band, Five Guys Named Moe, this was the party to remember.
Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland001 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland002 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland003 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland004 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland005 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland006 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland007 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland008 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland009 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland010Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland011Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland012 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland013 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland014 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland015 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland016Philips_Brown_Wedding-378 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland017 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland018 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland019 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland020Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland021 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland022 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland023 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland024 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland025Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland026 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland027 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland028 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland029 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland030 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland031 Cathedral-Park-Weddings-Portland032

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Jessica Hill PhotographyLeslie and Matt | A Cathedral Park Wedding at St. John

Kathy and Eric | A Nature Inspired Engagement in Hillsboro

by Jessica Hill Photography on October 8, 2015

Kathy and Erik contacted me about their engagements recently, but I really met this incredible couple at Sachiko and Soe’s beautiful wedding back in 2012. Wanting to keep it nature-inspired and close to their neighborhood and home in Hillsboro, we started at the beautiful Noble Woods Park which was perfect with it’s canopy of trees and wooded paths, and finished the shoot at Orenco Station, a community focused area with beautiful features. I loved getting to know this sweet and gorgeous couple more and I’m excited for their upcoming nuptials in late summer for 2016. Congrats Kathy and Erik! Nature-Portland-Engagements-001 Nature-Portland-Engagements-002 Nature-Portland-Engagements-003 Nature-Portland-Engagements-004 Nature-Portland-Engagements-005 Nature-Portland-Engagements-006 Nature-Portland-Engagements-007 Nature-Portland-Engagements-008 Nature-Portland-Engagements-009 Nature-Portland-Engagements-011 Nature-Portland-Engagements-010 Nature-Portland-Engagements-012

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Jessica Hill PhotographyKathy and Eric | A Nature Inspired Engagement in Hillsboro

Libby and Chris | A Portland Golf Club Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on October 2, 2015

Libby and Chris’s wedding took place on a gorgeous August day at the historic Portland Golf Club and couldn’t have been more elegant, sweet or gorgeous. You can actually see the love between these two with the way they kindly treat each other, touch each other and look at each other. The details were dripping in elegance, with stunning florals from Zest complete with one of the most beautiful head tables I’ve ever seen and white and greenery accenting the grounds. Nora Sheils, with Bridal Bliss provided incredible coordination and made sure everything ran perfectly. Anna’s bridal is where Libby found her remarkable dress by Hayley Paige and her shoes (obsessed!) were from Badgely Mischka. Family and friends danced the night away with fun beats from Shawn with Event Team Entertainment and ended the night with a fun sparkler exit. Truly an enchanting wedding day and night to remember forever.

Portland-Elegant-Weddings-001Portland-Elegant-Weddings-002 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-003 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-004 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-005 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-006 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-007 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-008 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-009 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-010Portland-Elegant-Weddings-011Portland-Elegant-Weddings-012Portland-Elegant-Weddings-013Portland-Elegant-Weddings-015Portland-Elegant-Weddings-016christian-louboutin--1Portland-Elegant-Weddings-019Portland-Elegant-Weddings-020Portland-Elegant-Weddings-021Portland-Elegant-Weddings-022Portland-Elegant-Weddings-023Portland-Elegant-Weddings-024Portland-Elegant-Weddings-025 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-026 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-027 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-028 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-029 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-030Portland-Elegant-Weddings-031 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-032 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-033 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-034 Opsahl_Hatfield_Wedding-250 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-035 Opsahl_Hatfield_Wedding-413Portland-Elegant-Weddings-036Portland-Elegant-Weddings-038 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-039 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-040 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-041 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-042 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-043 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-044Portland-Elegant-Weddings-045 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-046 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-047 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-048 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-049 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-050 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-051 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-052 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-053 Portland-Elegant-Weddings-054


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Jessica Hill PhotographyLibby and Chris | A Portland Golf Club Wedding

Molly and Levy | A Sentinel Hotel Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography on September 30, 2015

Molly and Levy are one of those couples that you meet and they just stay with you. Their kindness and love for one another are so apparent in everything they do and their downtown Portland wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful! With a stunning ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church in Portland and an unforgettable cocktail hour and reception at the Sentinel Hotel, this was one of those incredible 300 person weddings that will go down in family history! I’ll never forget the ride in their uncle’s vintage red convertable all around the city as passerbyers cheered on the newlyweds! Seamless coordination from Elizabeth Corr from Bridal Bliss, bouquets from Zest Flowers, and music from Justin with Paradox Productions, it really was a dream vendor team!

Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-001 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-002 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-003 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-004 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-005 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-006 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-007 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-008 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-009 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-010 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-011 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-012Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-013Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-014Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-015Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-016Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-017Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-018Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-019Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-020Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-021Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-022Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-023 (1)Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-024Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-025Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-026Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-027 (1) Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-028 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-029 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-030 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-031 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-032 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-033 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-034Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-035 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-036 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-037 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-038 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-041 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-040 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-039 Sentinel-Governor-Hotel-Weddings-Portland-042

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMolly and Levy | A Sentinel Hotel Wedding

Erika and Jon | A Portland Engagement featured in the New York Times

by Jessica Hill Photography on September 20, 2015

Erika and Jon’s love story is more than just an adventure, it was a chance encounter in Bangkok, Thailand that altered their lives in ways they could have never imagined. When Erika was travelling abroad from New York and Jon was travelling from Sweden, who would know that Tinder would be the medium to bring this intelligent couple together for life. See the featured image and read their announcement at the New York Times website! After submitting their engagement announcement in the New York Times and then hearing that they received the feature, we all celebrated and the celebrations lasted through the weekend with their incredible wedding taking place at a private residence near Beacon Rock in the Columbia River Gorge. Can’t wait to share more from their wedding day soon. Congrats Erika and Jon! Skol!

Erika-jon6Erika-jon5 Erika-jon4 Erika-jon1 Erika-jon2 Erika-jon3 Erika-jon8 Erika-jon10 Erika-jon12

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Jessica Hill PhotographyErika and Jon | A Portland Engagement featured in the New York Times

Whitney and John’s Weed Bar Wedding Goes Viral!

by Jessica Hill Photography on August 31, 2015

WOW! I had no clue that while I was photographing Whitney and John’s Oregon wedding, they would also be simultaneously making wedding history! Recently featured on the Huffington Post, USA Today, Mashable and sooo many more; Whitney and John’s legal weed bar with budtender went viral last week! Their gorgeous August 8th wedding on a private residence was rustic, fun and oh so chill. With the help of Elizabeth Corr at Bridal Bliss and an educated budtender, all the guests had a great and safe time while dancing their hearts out to a live band beneath towering pine trees. Check out Whitney and John’s Sunriver engagement shoot and be on the look out for their wedding photos coming soon!

Oregon-Weed-Wedding-001 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-004 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-007 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-003 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-002 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-005 Oregon-Weed-Wedding-006

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Jessica Hill PhotographyWhitney and John’s Weed Bar Wedding Goes Viral!