Melissa and Landon | Portland Engagement Photography

by Jessica Hill Photography in April, 2016

Landon contacted me recently for a surprise engagement shoot for Melissa as a Valentine’s Day gift. He told me the concept of both natural and urban settings in classic Portland locations, like the waterfront, the White Stag building and Mt. Tabor and I was IN! Melissa was surprised and delighted and I had a ton of fun with this stylish couple all over Portland. With Landon being a musician and Melissa being an artist, I was in my element while we created some artistic and non-traditional images to match their creative love. We braved rain, icy temps and high winds and it was all so worth it. Thanks for choosing me L&M for your artistic and inspired engagements. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!city-scape-engagements-portland-001 city-scape-engagements-portland-003 city-scape-engagements-portland-004 city-scape-engagements-portland-005 city-scape-engagements-portland-002 city-scape-engagements-portland-006 city-scape-engagements-portland-007city-scape-engagements-portland-008city-scape-engagements-portland-010 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp3city-scape-engagements-portland-012 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp2city-scape-engagements-portland-011 city-scape-engagements-portland-009 city-scape-engagements-portland-013

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMelissa and Landon | Portland Engagement Photography

The Importance of a Great Headshot!

by Jessica Hill Photography in March, 2016

Meet Lindsay! Lindsay is a incredible woman, entrepreneur, photographer and author and I’ve had the pleasure of company as my studio manager at Jessica Hill Photography for four years now. We recently met up in a natural setting to get some great pics of her and her adorable labradoodle, Louie. He also happens to be our trusty studio mascot! She’ll be using these images for her pet photography website, Sit Stay and her author photo for an upcoming book. Because she has a lot to chose from, she can also use them in a multitude of other places, like her newsletter, Facebook and Linkedin.

A great headshot is super important to you and your small business. They humanize a business, build trust and add personality. For business use, a headshot should give the impression of an intelligent, warm individual that looks trustworthy, approachable and genuine. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I truly believe this. I think having a variety of images is important, both vertical and horizontal, black and white and color and both looking at the camera and away. Good eye contact with the viewer connects you with them and then they can picture themselves doing business with you! Incorporating your personality and hobbies is also key, as it makes you more relatable and likable.

I love capturing the essence of a person in a great headshot. I’ve been photographing headshots professionally for over 10 years from professional makeup artists to lawyers to bloggers and beyond. I’ve even had my headshots published in Oprah magazine. Please contact me for pricing and availability and I look forward to learning about you and your business!


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Jessica Hill PhotographyThe Importance of a Great Headshot!

Elizabeth and Tim | A Portland Waterfront and Coopers Hall Engagement

by Jessica Hill Photography in February, 2016

Elizabeth and Tim are one of those couples that you meet and think…”I want to be their friend.” They have a natural ease and joy to them that’s magnetic. Lucky for me, I am able to call them friends and I’ve known Elizabeth now for over 6 years. She’s not only a delightful human, but she’s also one of my favorite wedding planners at Bridal Bliss Events. We’re coming full circle, as she helped plan and coordinate my own wedding, and now I have the great honor of documenting hers this coming March. This is one of the many reasons I love the Portland wedding community! Elizabeth and Tim and I all met up this winter for their engagement lifestyle session at the Portland East Bank Esplanade waterfront park and then afterwards for a cheers at Coopers Hall Urban Winery. Love the fun candid moments mixed with artistic intimacy here and I’m so excited to be documenting their first steps together as husband and wife on the exciting adventure of marriage.

Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-001 Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-002 Corr_Sheils_Engagement-008 Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-003Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-006 Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-004 Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-007 Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-009 Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-010Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-008 Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-011Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-012Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-013Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-014Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-015Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-016Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-017Bridal-Bliss-Portland-Photography-018

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Jessica Hill PhotographyElizabeth and Tim | A Portland Waterfront and Coopers Hall Engagement

Megan and Brian | A Cathedral Park Engagement

by Jessica Hill Photography in February, 2016

Megan and Brian and I met up beneath the St. John’s bridge in Cathedral park this autumn for their engagement shoot. This couple loves adventure and their adorable rescue pups, both hounds, and I was in puppy hound heaven.  It was a pretty cold and blustery day and they both just went for it- sans coats and next to the water no less! Megan and Brian have that unspoken love that you can feel from across the room (or a park) with their glances and their laughter. I love the architecture of the Saint John’s Bridge and I love exploring new parts of this masterpiece with each and every shoot I do there. So looking forward to their wedding this September at Youngberg Hill Vineyards!st-Johns-engagements-1-2st-Johns-engagements-1-3st-Johns-engagements-1-6 st-Johns-engagements-1-1 st-Johns-engagements-1-13 st-Johns-engagements-1-4st-Johns-engagements-1-7 st-Johns-engagements-1-5st-Johns-engagements-1-9 st-Johns-engagements-1-10 st-Johns-engagements-1-8 st-Johns-engagements-1-11 st-Johns-engagements-1-12

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMegan and Brian | A Cathedral Park Engagement

What it was like to speak at Mystic Photo Seminars 2016

by Jessica Hill Photography in February, 2016

Last April I was given the incredible opportunity to speak at Mystic Seminars, a well-known annual wedding photography conference that has been happening since 2005. Upon walking into the downtown Portland Hilton this January and taking several escalators to the conference level, I slowly approached the stage and my heart dropped into my stomach. Not only was this room filled with over 300 incredibly talented creatives, photographers, and like-minded business gurus – the stage was massive: like mini-football stadium massive; ok, maybe not that big, but it sure seemed like it! With black drapes surrounding the raised 1000 foot stage, I swallowed hard and self doubt started to take it’s toll. How could I, a 5’2″ local photographer with no previous speaking experience stand up there in front of all these intelligent people and give my speech? What did I have to share? What if I failed miserably, what if I forgot my presentation and went blank, what if I threw up all over the place?

Needless to say, I spent the next few days practicing, rehearsing, and reminding myself that I’ve been doing this professionally and loving it for over 15 years. I also took the opportunity to learn from best of the best who spoke before me. My time slot was scheduled for the last day of the conference, which also added to the nerves! Some of my all time favorite photographers spoke on the same stage and it was humbling to share the platform with these rock stars of the industry who have been speaking for years, hosting workshops, publishing books, and inspiring thousands. I realized that if I was able to inspire one person, that would be enough to make it all worth it and that was the confidence booster I needed to kick butt and focus on delivering great info on business.

Even though I barely slept the night before my talk, I had practiced so much and felt so ready for it and I did a pretty good job up there! I spoke slowly and confidently, I truly believed in myself and the info I was delivering. I handed out some great freebies, including some of my favorite business books, a huge gift card from an awesome album company, Finao, and incredible software from my sponsor and friends at Fundy. It felt great to give back to the community that has given me so much for over a decade, plus I didn’t puke!

I have now caught the teaching bug and want to share more business insight to help other photographers live their dreams and have successful creative lives. I’m excited for this next chapter of giving back and am now starting to mentor photographers all over the country to help them succeed. Check out pics from the talk and a few slides from my presentation. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in mentorship or if you just want to say hello! hello@jessicahillphotography or follow me on Instagram at @jessicahillphoto – I look forward to connecting!


Mentors in photography Portland


photography teachers portland


mentoring workshops portland



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Jessica Hill PhotographyWhat it was like to speak at Mystic Photo Seminars 2016

Top 15 of 2015!

by Jessica Hill Photography in January, 2016

Every January I compile a handful of my favorite images from the past year. I like to limit myself, because I would honestly have a blog of 2,910 favorite photos! Since 2012, I’ve done the top 12, 13, 14 and now 15 favorite engagement and wedding images corresponding to the year. It’s been such a pleasure photographing each and every couple during the past 12 months and I am so humbled by the creativity, true love, trust and uniqueness I document at every engagement and wedding and I would honored to document yours. Thank YOU to all the couples over the past 10 years that have trusted me to document their most endearing life moments!

Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-001 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-002 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-003 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-004 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-005 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-006 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-007 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-008 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-009 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-010 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-011 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-012 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-013 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-014 Best-Portland-Wedding-Photographer-015Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-001Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-002Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-003Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-004Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-005Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-006Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-008Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-009Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-007Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-010Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-011Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-012Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-013Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-014Best-Portland-Engagement-Photographer-015

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Jessica Hill PhotographyTop 15 of 2015!

Ellie and Matthieu | Paris to Portland with Love

by Jessica Hill Photography in January, 2016

I first met Ellie and Matthieu back in 2012 at an incredible wedding and we just clicked. They are kind, beautiful, creative and intelligent and I remember thinking what a great couple they made. Ellie and Matthieu first met during Ellie’s time abroad in Paris. They met at a cafe and Ellie asked Matthieu to “break” ten euros but in not-so fluent english so it actually meant to tear in half (cute right!) and from that moment on they started falling in love. Over five years, many travels and now speaking perfect French, Ellie and Matthieu are getting married this upcoming September. Because they are still traveling from Portland to Paris, they looked though these engagement images together via Skype and this is what Ellie shared with me about that moment. “He was smiling the entire time. Ear to ear. He told me they are way better than he was expecting. Thank you so much Jessica. You truly made our hearts feel warm, looking at them together. Just no words. They showed who we are and I love that. Thank you thank you.”

Receiving emails like this truly confirm my life’s work and love. Thank YOU both Ellie and Matthieu and I’m beyond excited to be documenting your first steps together as husband and wife this year and to share this with your amazing family and friends.
Lake-Oswego-Weddings-001 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-002 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-003 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-004 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-005 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-006 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-007 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-008 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-009 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-010 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-011 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-012 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-013 Lake-Oswego-Weddings-014

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Jessica Hill PhotographyEllie and Matthieu | Paris to Portland with Love

Monica and Sara |A Sokol Blosser Engagement

by Jessica Hill Photography in December, 2015

Monica and Sara and I met up on a gorgeous autumn day deep in the heart of Oregon wine country at the stunning and modern Sokol Blosser winery, which is where Sara and Monica were engaged! This has to be one of my all time favorite vineyards in Oregon, with the sweeping views, angular clean construction and delicious award winning wine, it’s a memorable experience for sure. Monica and Sara are a great couple that balance and compliment each other perfectly and we had a blast hiking around the area with their pup and and I’m really looking forward to their wedding in the Columbia River Gorge this Summer. Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-001Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-004 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-002 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-003 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-005 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-006Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-007 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-008 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-009 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-010

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMonica and Sara |A Sokol Blosser Engagement