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Monica and Sara | A Gorge Crest Vineyard Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography in June, 2017

Monica and Sara have a great love and threw a huge celebration to honor it! Monica and Sara’s wedding was a joyous party at the most beautiful location at Gorge Crest Vineyard in Washington on the Columbia River. With Mt. Hood in the distance, family and friends dancing under the stars and a momentous love that moves mountains, this wedding was unforgettable in every way. Monica and Sara are a great couple as they compliment each other and have a way of making everyone around them feel welcome and comfortable. They found their gorgeous dresses at Lena Medoyeff in the Pearl and their florals were created by the talented Leah at Rockwood Urban Farm. Their wedding day coordination and rentals from the amazing Debbie at Hitched in the Hood and makeup and hair from Kassandra Sommerville. What a wedding! 

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMonica and Sara | A Gorge Crest Vineyard Wedding

Monica and Sara | A Hood River Rehearsal Dinner

by Jessica Hill Photography in June, 2017

Monica and Sara’s rehearsal dinner last summer was a truly enchanted evening at a historic sunken wine cellar. Complete with great wine and food, brand new babies and mammas to be, friends singing great songs and beautiful love from a beautiful couple. The toasts were abundant with love and praise and poetry and many a tear was shed! This magical space is called Springhouse Cellars in downtown Hood River and you should visit soon for a tasting! hood-river-weddings-001 hood-river-weddings-002 hood-river-weddings-003 hood-river-weddings-004 hood-river-weddings-005 hood-river-weddings-006 hood-river-weddings-007 hood-river-weddings-008 hood-river-weddings-009 hood-river-weddings-010 hood-river-weddings-011 hood-river-weddings-012 hood-river-weddings-013

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMonica and Sara | A Hood River Rehearsal Dinner

Desiree and Kate | An Urban Studio Pearl Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography in October, 2016

Des and Kate’s wedding was full of pure joy, lots of happiness, and dinosaurs! Their wedding took place this past spring at the contemporary Urban Studio with Pearl Catering providing the yummy food! I was smiling all day during this wedding as the brides and their family and friends were so fun and laid-back. I loved their mis-matched farm chairs from Something Borrowed and their vintage rustic vibe. With awesome coordination from Natalia at Bridal Bliss, pretty flowers from Blum, tunes from Dowling Productions and a tarot card reader, this event was one for the books. Love wins always! urban-studio-event-photography-001 urban-studio-event-photography-002 urban-studio-event-photography-003 urban-studio-event-photography-004 urban-studio-event-photography-005 urban-studio-event-photography-006 urban-studio-event-photography-007 urban-studio-event-photography-008 urban-studio-event-photography-009 urban-studio-event-photography-010 urban-studio-event-photography-011 urban-studio-event-photography-012 urban-studio-event-photography-013 urban-studio-event-photography-014 urban-studio-event-photography-015 urban-studio-event-photography-016 urban-studio-event-photography-017 urban-studio-event-photography-018 urban-studio-event-photography-019 urban-studio-event-photography-020 urban-studio-event-photography-021 urban-studio-event-photography-022 urban-studio-event-photography-023 urban-studio-event-photography-024 urban-studio-event-photography-025 urban-studio-event-photography-026 urban-studio-event-photography-027 urban-studio-event-photography-028 urban-studio-event-photography-029

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Jessica Hill PhotographyDesiree and Kate | An Urban Studio Pearl Wedding

Monica and Sara |A Sokol Blosser Engagement

by Jessica Hill Photography in December, 2015

Monica and Sara and I met up on a gorgeous autumn day deep in the heart of Oregon wine country at the stunning and modern Sokol Blosser winery, which is where Sara and Monica were engaged! This has to be one of my all time favorite vineyards in Oregon, with the sweeping views, angular clean construction and delicious award winning wine, it’s a memorable experience for sure. Monica and Sara are a great couple that balance and compliment each other perfectly and we had a blast hiking around the area with their pup and and I’m really looking forward to their wedding in the Columbia River Gorge this Summer. Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-001Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-004 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-002 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-003 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-005 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-006Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-007 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-008 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-009 Sokol-Blosser-Weddings-010

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Jessica Hill PhotographyMonica and Sara |A Sokol Blosser Engagement

Desiree and Kate | An Urban Winery and Arcade Engagement in Portland

by Jessica Hill Photography in December, 2015

Desiree and Kate are the kind of couple you meet and just click with. Hours seem like minutes and my face hurt from smiling so much. I loved their plans for their engagement shoot around Portland, incorporating wine tasting at Enso, a vintage arcade and a walk in the woods with their three labs. It makes me so happy when a couple truly uses their engagement shoot as way to reflect on their shared interests and hobbies. The wine was a little more Des, the arcade a little more Kate, and the woods were truly them. We had a blast and I am so looking forward to their downtown Portland wedding in April! Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-001 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-002 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-003 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-004 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-005 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-007Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-009 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-008 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-011 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-010 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-012 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-013 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-014 Portland-Love-Is-Love-Engagements-015

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Jessica Hill PhotographyDesiree and Kate | An Urban Winery and Arcade Engagement in Portland

Gloria and Maggie | A Eugene Winery Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography in August, 2015

On a warm Thursday evening in July, 100 of Gloria and Maggie’s nearest and dearest family and friends gathered at Sweetcheeks Winery beneath a giant oak tree in the gorgeous Willamette wine country near Eugene, Oregon to celebrate love. And Oh how Glo and Maggie’s love was celebrated!!! With lots of laughter, readings from the most recent Supreme Court Ruling for united marriage equality, light up bowties, a bubble machine and so much love… this was one of those weddings that I’ll never forget. I made new friends and I felt like family. Thank you Glo and Maggie, you two are amazing and I was honored to document your truly remarkable wedding.

Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-001Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-002 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-003Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-004 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-005 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-006 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-007 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-008 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-009 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-010 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-011 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-012 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-013 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-014 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-015Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-016

Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-017 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-018 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-019 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-020 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-021 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-022 Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-023Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-024Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-025Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-026Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-027Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-028Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-029Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-030Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-031Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-032Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-033Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-035Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-036Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-037Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-038Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-039Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-034Same-Sex-Weddings-Oregon-040





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Jessica Hill PhotographyGloria and Maggie | A Eugene Winery Wedding

Laurie and Renee | Hip Chicks do Wine Wedding

by Jessica Hill Photography in August, 2014

I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy, I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love, Be everything that you need. Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden

Getting Ready Location: Couple’s Home
Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Hip Chicks do Wine Urban Winery
Wedding Dress Designer and boutique: David’s Bridal 
Hair-Rene Vargas/Makeup-Krista Wilson
Officiant: Daria Eliuk
Coordinator: Darcy Kochis
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Jessica Hill PhotographyLaurie and Renee | Hip Chicks do Wine Wedding

Sneak Peek | Laurie and Renee at Hip Chicks do Wine

by Jessica Hill Photography in August, 2014

I’ll never forget Laurie and Renee’s wedding at Hip Chicks do Wine, their awesome urban winery in SE. It was an honor to document, as my first legal full same-sex wedding in Oregon! Their pure joy filled the room and beyond and their love for each other and their business was nothing short of inspiring. Can’t wait to share more!

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Jessica Hill PhotographySneak Peek | Laurie and Renee at Hip Chicks do Wine